New PC advice please

  Rupstoh 15:30 17 Sep 2008

Hi - newbie here and first post so please be gentle.

I am in the market for a new machine and have a budget of £500 maximum. My criteria as a user is thus:

Not a hardened gamer, but play them now and then.

Store some music, probably a bout 200 songs.

Use machine mainly for surfing, streaming sites and email.

Also, my lady uses the machine to talk to her friend in Oz for 2 hours every Saturday.

I'd like to be 'future-proofed' for at least 3 years.

I'd like a widescreen monitor.

Someone has recommended this machine to me:

click here

Any views/comments will be greatly appreciated.


  Dizzy Bob 16:27 17 Sep 2008

It certainly looks more than suitable for what you are going to use it for.

a couple of points.

The graphics cards is fairly basic, but will be ok for occasional games (it eally depends what sort of games you will be playing)

The optical drive staes that it is an HD drive. This is the format that 'lost' in the high definition battle, so you may find that there is not much new content in HD. This would only be an issue if you wanted to atch HD movies (blu-ray is the now standard format), as the drive will function perfectly well for normal CD and DVD playing and burning.

If anything, the machine is overpowered for what you need, but this will help with your 'futureproofing' as much as possible.


  Rupstoh 16:48 17 Sep 2008

Thanks for your reply DB.

Have you got a better recommendation for me?

Help would be appreciated. I don't need such a big monitor although would still love a widescreen.

  Dizzy Bob 17:21 17 Sep 2008

i have to say it looks good value.

are you happy ordering on line, or would you rather buy from a 'real' shop?

that will make a bit of a difference.


  GaT7 17:29 17 Sep 2008

The Acer PC has a "DVD Dual Layer Rewriter".

I'd go for this quad-core Dell instead - click here & this LG 22" monitor click here, which is £430 in total. You then have some money remaining to upgrade the graphics card. Or, you can go for a 19" screen for ~£100.

If you also need an all-in-one, this at £480 click here is even better value than the bundle you posted. G

  Rupstoh 17:31 17 Sep 2008

I am happy to order on line.

What difference will it make?

I've been advised to look at this:

click here

Does it compare?

Sorry to ask but I'm a bit lost on these things.

  GaT7 17:32 17 Sep 2008

LG W1934-S 19" TFT Monitor click here = £99. G

  GaT7 17:37 17 Sep 2008

Had a look at them all - Chillblast Javelin is the one to go for click here - good graphics & 19" monitor included in the price.

Chillblast Javelin purchase link click here. G

  Dizzy Bob 17:42 17 Sep 2008

Ordeing on line is *usually* a bit cheaper, but obviously you have to wait a while for the unit. Ordering on line means that you are protected by the distance selling regulations (which among other things means that you can return it for any reason within 7 days) It makes sense to ALWAYS use a credit card (not a debit card) for major purchases (online or not) as this will give you some additional protection under the consumer credit act if things go wrong.

Not that they will :-)

From a shop, you can get 'hands on' with the kit before you part with your lolly, and usually take it home with you. It can be slightly more expensive (not always) as shops have to cover their overheads.

It also means you have a physical port of call in the event of any problems!!

I like the look of both of Crossbow7's suggestions.

Any of those will be fine for what you want to do.


  GaT7 17:44 17 Sep 2008

You can customise it here - click here & select the 500Gb hard disk for only £5 more.

Just noticed there seems to be a relatively weak 400w power supply (PSU), & the shipping on their systems is almost ~£30. G

  Rupstoh 17:58 17 Sep 2008

Message to both DB and Crossbow - would you, in my position, go for the Dell with a 19 or 22" monitor then?

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