New Pc £600-£700

  Jim77 11:57 13 Mar 2006

I am looking to get a Pc to use for photoediting and storing. as well as playing some PC games on. Notably Rome Total War and the new Total War -Medieval 2 Total War. I do not need to play First person shooter games as I would rather use a console for that. I also have no need for video editing etc.

However I do want it to been expandable and reliable. After searching for some weeks in magazine and so on and checking out Dell and Mesh I have found what I think is the best system for this price. Please can you tell me what you think and if you have had any dealings with this company.

System: Panrix Magnum IQ 3700

Link: click here

Many thanks.

  richardcockbain 17:19 13 Mar 2006

Nice piece of kit for the money. The graphics card looks a bit weak, you might wish to consider something with a better performance. Have you looked at, they have some very affordable PC base units.

Cannot comment on Panrix.

  Jim77 17:33 13 Mar 2006

i thought 6600GT was as good as it gets without going to a 7 series card which would be another £100 quid? is his totally wrong?

I was thinking of buying it and trying it out. if graphics are not as good as i would like i could buy another 6600GT PCI express as use dual cards as it has a spare slot.

I don't want to run Far Cry or anything ultra flash but i do want to run the new Total War game when it comes out.

any advice greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 18:07 13 Mar 2006

The 6600GT is a good card, its what I have in fact on a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard and it runs everything so far. I think perhaps that it would do you for some time to come and as you said you could always add another card later on, thats what I plan to do. The graphics card market moves so fast that there probably are better cards out there now for say £40 more, it depends on whether you can justify the extra expense.

  Dellman 21:58 13 Mar 2006

Have you tried Mesh???

  GaT7 22:26 13 Mar 2006

The Panrix Magnum IQ 3700 recently won PCW mag's Editor's Choice award click here.

The PDF review click here & scroll down.

Quote from pg2 of the 1st link: "However, Panrix went one step further. Its Magnum IQ 3700 was the most consistent all-round performer, and was the only PC that also included a 19in monitor and a complete set of surround-sound speakers as well."

- Features table: click here
- System performance scores click here

Some interesting points from another Panrix PC review (different system):
"The name of Panrix will be familiar to long-time PC Pro readers, but after a couple of years in the wilderness the company is back......And while Panrix and Evesham offer identical warranties (two years on-site followed by a third return-to-base), we know Evesham's pedigree from past Reliability & Service Awards surveys. Panrix, however, is an as-yet unknown quantity..." - to read the full review click here. G

  johnnyrocker 23:53 13 Mar 2006

are you serious?


  Matt_r 13:03 14 Mar 2006

That's the pc I'm looking at getting- from my research it is the best value pc for the spec.

Haven't been able to get through on the phone- would be looking to uprate the power supply to at least 550w.

  kiddgame2000 16:23 14 Mar 2006

6600GT is a class card i can run far cry completely maxed out with it if i turn the AA and AF off.

If you have 2 you are laughing.

  Dellman 16:54 14 Mar 2006

Jonny Rocker
I bought 2 PCs from Mesh about 18 months ago and they're still going strong.!!

  phoenix198 16:55 14 Mar 2006

No, he thinks he's being funny, or ironic, or post-ironic (or something).

He doesn't seem to post anything else, make of it what you will.

Might work for Mesh? But I doubt it.

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