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  yahwob 11:41 19 Apr 2012

Hi guys,

I've asked similar questions before but I promise this will be the last time!

I'm looking at buying a new PC to replace my old one. I will be using it mainly for surfing the web and some online gaming, mainly WoW so it dosen't have to be cutting edge as far as gaming goes although I don't want it to be basics only either.

The machine I currently use has an HD4670 card with 4gb of Ram and the machine I'm looking at is as follows;

•This system comes complete with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium and Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, which includes starter versions of Microsoft Word and Excel. •Also enjoy the dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT520 graphics card with 1GB of DDR3 RAM and HDMI out to maximise the gaming or video performance. •It also features 6GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and a HDMI port. •Comes complete with a wired keyboard and mouse. •Intel Core i3-2120 dual core processor. •Processor speed: 3.3GHz. •6GB DDR3 RAM. •500GB SATA hard drive. •DVD optical drives: Dual layer CD-RW, CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-RW. •Nvidia GeForce GT 520 1GB DDR3 graphics card. •Dedicated 1GB graphics memory. •6 USB ports. •Ethernet port. •5.1 surround sound. •Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Premium. •Includes: Microsoft Home and Office Starter, Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, anti-virus, security and disc writing software. •Size: H36.5cm, W18cm, D4cm. •Weight: 8.7kg. •Power saving facility.

Now I know the GT520 is not a superduper card for gaming but will it be okay for what I want.

The alternative is to buy the new PC and fit a better card, apparently the new machine has a H61 chipset 1155 socket motherboard, any suggestions on a better card than the GT520 without breaking the bank?

Many thanks :)

  rickf 15:09 19 Apr 2012

why not buy it and see if the card is up to speed for what you want. You can always uograde the card. Difficult to say as you don't say what games you are playing. Cards always need upgrading anyway if you are an avid gamer which seesm you are not.

  yahwob 15:24 19 Apr 2012

Well the only game I really play is World of Warcraft but I see what you mean about seeing how it runs first.

  rickf 18:46 21 Apr 2012

I have got the DTS250 and very adequate for games such as medal of honour, l4d etc., with no probs. Yours is even higher specs than mine.

  ICF 10:01 22 Apr 2012

How much is the new PC?

  Armchair 11:14 23 Apr 2012

GT 520 World of Warcraft benchmarks here:-

The card isn't up to the job.

You could buy that PC, and swap the 520 for something better, but A) You'd have wasted money on the unwanted 520, and B) There's no guarantee that the PSU in that PC is good enough to power a decent graphics card. You probably could swap it out for an HD 6670 or 7750, which would be good enough for WoW and don't require any additional power leads, but if I was you I would want to know exactly which components I was buying.

The i3-2120 is a good choice of CPU.

How much is the PC costing, anyway?

  Armchair 11:32 23 Apr 2012

Great, the link doesn't work......

  yahwob 12:43 23 Apr 2012

Thanks guys for the answers.

The reason I was going to buy a new PC in the first place was because of multiple problems with the old one, not being able to connect to the internet and broken graphics card etc and rom drive also not working.

Instead of buying the new PC though I bit the bullet yesterday and went and bought an external DVD rom drive for £50 which let me boot from Bios and therefore I could reinstall XP which worked a treat. Once that was done it fixed my lost internet connection, no idea what the orginal problem there was but the reinstall fixed it.

The reinstall didn't fix the graphics card though so went and bought a 6670 from Currys for £75. Installed that, dead easy, and now everything works perfectly :)


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