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  wednesday 13 08:25 14 May 2005

I want a new tower, preferably for gaming. I don't need a moniter, keyboard, mouse or speakers as I have upgraded them recently. I want one with a memory of about 150GB and a great graphics card and/or sound card. I am not bothered about anything else but was wondering if it was possible to get one win 98/me.

I was wondering how much a new tower like this would cost and where i could get one from?

  Forum Editor 08:34 14 May 2005

yourself pretty easily. It's not as difficult as you might think.

  citadel 10:07 14 May 2005

Some new games do not work on windows 98 or me. This is likely to increase in time. For gaming with fast framerates and high detail you need a 3g or better processor, 1024 of ram, a 6800, or better graphics card. For excellent sound a creative audigy 2 zs. Windows xp is better for games as it manages memory better than older versions.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 14 May 2005

Take a look at the bundles on offer from if you don't want to build it yourself. They come with motherboard, processor, ram and you can add a hard disk, graphics card etc. (along with many others) do custom builds - you choose what parts you want.

  Kate B 15:09 14 May 2005

I looked long and hard at various suppliers of nutter machines before deciding to go with Voodoo of Canada - long wait (should be coming next week after ordering at the beginning of April) but I'm impressed with the customer service thus far: very good on communications and when I ordered it, its machines were doing better than Alienware's in tests by nutter gaming extreme computing magazines. Alienware's customer support wasn't great when I asked them a slightly tricky question before making my decision, either.

The website click here isn't brilliant but I hope the machine itself will make up for that.

  pj123 15:50 14 May 2005
  wednesday 13 16:10 14 May 2005

thanks for the info. I wanted 98 or ME as I have a load of games for those and not Xp.

  Kate B 17:45 14 May 2005

I think you'll be lucky to find a PC builder that will supply 98 or Me for you - can you just play them in compatibility mode under XP?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:16 14 May 2005

If you have win98, install it and then install XP - dual boot the system and you may well find that it runs many of the win98 games fine.

  Joe R 20:58 14 May 2005

wednesday 13,
As Kate B has already stated, XP has a built in compatability module, which will enable games to run in 95, 98 or ME modes.

I've also found, that all games, myself and my kids played in 98, also run fine on XP.

Also as the F.E. states earlier, why not build your own.?

This link will give you a variety of different systems to suit your needs. ( you can also add to them too ). click here

This link will tell you all you need about building your own, and if you have any problems whatsoever, you're in the best forum in the country, to answer your questions.
click here

  wednesday 13 21:00 14 May 2005

I ended up fixing my old PC and had it upgraded to Xp.

Kate B

Compatability mode didn't work on all but...

Diodorus Siculus

I dual booted as you said and the the lot work.

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