New Monitor - Advice please!

  Rob_101 17:12 06 Nov 2007

I am soon going to buy a new PC base unit so it obviously won't include a monitor.

I am going to play games and have around £130-140. Can anybody recommend any decent monitors for around this price bracket. I prefrebly want widescreen, 19" or bigger and DVI.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

  wee eddie 18:34 06 Nov 2007

You may get a better discount on your monitor if you buy it, at the same time, from the same company from whom you are buying your Base Unit

  Rob_101 18:52 06 Nov 2007

Well, I'm planning on getting the PC from Cougar Extreme and the monitors they have with the packages don't do much much for me really. They seem a bit cheap. I thought that I may be better off buying a monitor elsewhere, which is made by a brand I recognise.

I would rather pay a bit more money to get a really good monitor instead of getting a cheap one and regreting it later on.


  FeeN 19:11 06 Nov 2007

Also been looking around for a decent monitor recently. For your budget i think it may be hard to get hold of a really good quality gaming monitor 19"+. If you can up you budget a little (175ish) theres the Samsung 206BW 20" which seems really popular from what ive heard.

  Totally-braindead 19:22 06 Nov 2007

I would look at reviews initially, there was a nice article in PCA a couple of months ago as an example but I personally feel that to a certain degree a monitor is a personal thing. Some of my friends have monitors that give what I think is a pretty poor image and they think its wonderful and better than mine.
I'd be tempted to go to the likes of PC World and see what they have on display and see what you think gives a good picture.
I'm not saying purchase it from them but go see what they look like if you can before purchase.

  Rob_101 21:36 06 Nov 2007

I was thinking about the getting Samsung 206BW 20" but from what I've read about it, people don't rate it. Supposingly it's not made by Samsung really. Just alot of different manufacturers parts made in to one which Samsung have called their own.

Or am I wrong?

  Joe R 22:37 06 Nov 2007


another to look over. click here

  citadel 22:43 06 Nov 2007

custom pc elite list give samsung 206bw a premium grade rating. no lag in games. december issue.

  wee eddie 12:05 07 Nov 2007

A little bit of industrial reality is needed for you here.

Very few Electrical items are made by the folk whose Logo is stuck on the Front.

A few assemble them themselves, from parts sourced all over the world (usually from somewhere in the Far East), but most have them made, and badged, by Specialist Manufacturers.

  keef66 13:00 07 Nov 2007

I have the samsung 205bw and it's splendid

  Rob_101 16:34 07 Nov 2007

I read on Amazon that they arn't really a Samsung product. I read that the panels are made by lots of different manufactures, some good and some very bad. One person said "If you want a Samsung, don't buy this product!" But that just what I read on Amazon though.

Hopefully this is wrong and i'll get one, but ive just noticed that on the Amazon website, the price has rised to £208! :S. Bit too expensive for me now!

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