New Mesh Matrix XP2700/wrong&missing bits

  lividlidgett 21:13 09 Jun 2003

I received Mesh system on 24/5 but keyboard was cream not black as ordered and Pinnacle software was missing.Left message with sales staff as delivery section doesn't work weekends. the contact took forever and I spent,in total,over 2 hours in a Q on Monday listening to robomessage until I gave up. Found out later that they weren't working and hadn't programmed their telephone response correctly. Despite a number of e-mails and promises from the few times I got through to their unhelp desk,I still havn't got my keyboard but software has arrived.Spent hours on the phone,which has been costly as well as wasting my time so not impressed with Mesh. Only purchased because it was a recommended machine in PC Advisor. Can anyone put this right before I resort to serious action for breach of contract? Their attitude and promises have been rubbish.

  fitfella29 21:22 10 Jun 2003

pc advisor will recommend these machines forever cos they pay them too regardless of how crap there customer support is and all the other cock ups they have.

you should have read all the posts on these pages warning you not to deal with mesh.

just keep on at them is all i can say,

good luck.

  lividlidgett 22:23 10 Jun 2003

I must agree with your comments here as I have read a number of reports in computer mags and there is little reference to standard of customer service. As someone who uses rather than understands the full workings of a PC,I have had to rely on "expert opinion" as I haven't the time to read up on this stuff-just let others who appear to know what its all about. Funny thing is the machine seems well built but without any logical guides it will be many months before I can assess how it all works. I was somewhat miffed with a nice looking machine and a few pages of hazy instructions. As the rear panel was nothing like their illustrations,I can only assume the PC's are too complex for the people who work their to explain.Just received an e-mail-funny that-from Mesh stating they had posted labels to me on 30/5 to send keyboard back.They will then check it and then send correct keyboard. FAT CHANCE-they are in breach of contract so they can deliver and pick up at same time.

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:03 10 Jun 2003

I'm sure PCA would state that they do not get any payment for recommending the machines. The only thing they get paid for is carrying adverts.

I know for a fact that PCA have removed one supplier mentioned in this thread from their charts at one point becuase they [pca] knew of major support problems.

The fact that lividlidgett hasn't got the right keyboard is just daft. Any company should have had the sense and the ability to resolve this one quickly.

  dunlops up 02:57 11 Jun 2003

I have had the same problems with Mesh and their unhelpful staff who never return calls. I am in the process of sending my computer back to them. When I posted a complaint about Mesh here, they replied within 5 minutes asking me to send them an E Mail and they would sort it out, dont be fooled, cause it made no difference. PCA said, Mesh have contacted you to sort it out, thats rubbish, Mesh reply to make themselves look good.
Try, "not fit for the purpose" or it has to be delivered within 30 days or you can claim your money back. Read their small print which includes your rights also.
I wouldnt go near them again.
Anybody know of a magazine which gives unbiased reports on the standard of backup???

  dunlops up 03:02 11 Jun 2003

Forgot to add, I had the same problem on the back of my Mesh, according to their book its colour coded to make it idiot proof, of course my colours were different and not in the same location, their technical line told me the colour changes - whos the idiot?

  MESH Response 09:25 11 Jun 2003


If you could leave your order number with us at [email protected] , we will get this resolved asap.

MESH Response.

  PC Advisor. 10:18 11 Jun 2003


(sigh..) No - we don't get paid to write positive reviews. Surprise, surprise. As Sir Radfordin™ says, we have in the past removed award status from manufacturers because of poor service records.

We are also the only publication in our sector to publish post sale service records. The next one will appear on the newsstand at the end of September.

To take part in the survey - and win a nifty PDA - click here

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:18 11 Jun 2003


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