New MESH crashing

  matherelli 15:17 21 Dec 2004

Guys I need a bit of advice. I bought a MESH computer a few weeks ago and it crashes about 4-5 times per week. The crashes appear random but often occer when I am using Microsoft Word. After have had a few problems already like a faulty graphics card which MESH have replaced after a little hassle. I have contacted their technical support who advised taking everything off the hard drive and seeing if the crashing continues. Does the machine sound faulty to you? I am reluctant to wipe the hard drive because I then cant use the computer. I only have Microsoft Office on the machine anyway with saved Word documents. Any advice about what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thans in advance.

  anchor 17:03 21 Dec 2004
  theprophet 18:30 21 Dec 2004

Good luck is all I can say, I bought a new Mesh 12 months ago and it has been nothing but trouble. The hassle involved getting sorted out has been dreadful. Mesh after sales very poor. Never again.

  matherelli 21:32 21 Dec 2004

Davey is incredibly active in these forums. I have tried him and am awaiting a response. Any ideas about how to take the matter further? I am being unreasonable expecting my machine to crash less than 5 times per week? Please advise.

  Sans le Sou 22:52 21 Dec 2004

As you only have loaded Office suite, suggest you do an F10 and restore to factory settings then upgrade as many drivers as you can to the latest versions. Mesh do not always supply up to date drivers (in fact all mine were way out.) Which version of Office did you use?

  westwit 23:05 21 Dec 2004

You can see from my thread 'MESH - new system unuseable' at click here that my similar problem was eventually solved by both the graphics card and the PSU being replaced. I don't know which was causing the problem, but perhaps you should now ask for your PSU to be replaced since the new graphics card hasn't solved it.

  Forum Editor 07:40 22 Dec 2004

wiping the hard drive. That seems a tad drastic as a solution - at least in the short term, and I'm a little surprised that anyone at Mesh should advocate such a measure. If you literally have Microsoft Office and nothing else on the drive I very much doubt that there's a software issue here anyway. Have you added any hardware to the computer since you got it? The symptoms you describe can be caused by a driver conflict.

There again, if you think that these crashes tend to happen more often when you're using MS Office there could be a memory problem. To be honest there are lots of possible causes, but I doubt that MS Office is the culprit. I'm sure that Mesh will soon respond to your email - they will be very busy at the moment for obvious reasons, so there might be a longer delay than is usual.

  matherelli 09:29 22 Dec 2004

Thanks guys for all the advise so far. The Office is 2002, ie Word, Excel etc. I have installed no other hardware at all except my printer, HP 690c.
I thought wiping the hard drive was severe. I have updated the graphics driver for my Radeon 256mb 9550. The computer is an Athlon 3.4+ with 1024RAM so there should be no problems with the memory. I have a techy next to me at work and he was amazed that they asked me to wipe the hard drive. This is the second time I have had to do it and having to back up everything again seems a tad unfair when the computer has never worked properly. Still no word from MESH. I know they are busy but what should I do now. Thanks again for all your help so far.

  Sans le Sou 10:23 22 Dec 2004

Only suggested doing a restore etc. so that you can inform Mesh of your "actions taken to resolve the problem" on your own. By the way which version of catalyst drivers do you have, only I did read something about the control centre upsetting some systems, may have been resolved but I don't know. I have always used the one containing control panel without a problem on my Mesh 3400. Anyway Good Luck.

  simonp1 12:58 22 Dec 2004

Just an idea, but faulty memory will cause you PC to crash..but mainly under load. Try taking a stick out at a time and see if that helps..also try different memory slots ( trial and error im afraid ) even better borrow some memory and run it..

  matherelli 15:21 22 Dec 2004

I am not really tech orientated and to be honest I have had the machine for less than a month and dont see why I should need to be doing anything than getting it to work. As a buyer should I be expected to overcome these problems or should it be the responsibilty of the vendor?

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