new mesh computer promblems

  epaticus 15:48 30 Oct 2004

is there anyway of getting mesh tech support out of hours as my new base unit is not booting windows on start up i got it on friday and its been locking up,
mouse problems on destop and now not working at all i sent email to mesh last night and also today but so far havent heard anything back. Also what are my options reguarding distance selling rights/visa payments is there a time limit to get my money back cheers

  Diodorus Siculus 16:28 30 Oct 2004

I doubt that you will get technical support "out of hours".

Mesh have a forum rep. here and he will likely check out the forum on Monday morning (occasionally over the weekend but that is in his own time...).

How long have you had the machine?

  Waldoc85 16:54 30 Oct 2004

Have you registered with the Mesh customer care section on their web site ?. They promise 24x7 online support assistance.
Meanwhile your options are all contained in your order confirmation letter.
Your problems are likely to be minor teething troubles and as I am due to receive my second Mesh computer early next week I await the outcome with more than a little interest.
If your processor is an Athlon 64 it might be sp2 related.

  genuinefake 17:37 30 Oct 2004

to waldoc85 or other Mesh pc owner.

talking about registering for the customer service i am having problems there. I have entered my order number (1234567-001) and my oemid which is 14 letters long?

Have i entered it incorrectly because it is not working.

Any help much appreciated. I Have sent many emaisl regarding this to mesh but have not recieved any replys.


  Forum Editor 18:10 30 Oct 2004

don't have any access to their email server at weekends, so you'll get no response until Monday - which seems reasonable enough to me. We do have a Mesh contact who monitors the forums, but he's under no obligation to work at weekends either.

I think that talking about getting your money back whe the machine was only delivered 24 hours ago is a little hasty. You can return the machine at any time within 7days of the delivery day and obtain a full refund if you wish, but why not give Mesh a chance to talk your through a possible fix? Alternatively, you could post here with a few more details and we might be able to help you over the weekend. If the problem is software-related we will almost certainly be able to do that.

  epaticus 19:43 30 Oct 2004

sorry i havent replyed as i've been offline i am using my old base unit at the moment,first of all
now that i have to wait untill monday i have calmed down a bit(ref money back) my base unit is a matrix 64 3500 storm 939 with 1GB mem and a 250 sata drive fx-6800gt graphics card audigy 2zs with homeXP

yes i did that last night when i sent them my first e mail that the machine was first going wrong now when i go to the site it says that they havent got any info for my machine and for me to down load and install a program to get my machine specs for them? as base unit wont boot to windows how can i do that
anyway i will wait till monday But i do feel strongly about paying £1 P/min Tech line for promblem am i right about this?
also i think i had on to much stuff running on start up on the machine ie cddvd/intervideo/pinnacle/realone/kitchen sink
a lot of this i didnt need straight away with the new unit and i think this caused the lockups anybody else had problems with new meshs ref this
as for sp2 problems i was told by mesh when ordered that it would be okay as i had read via here about this problem earlier this month
ps i got a LG L1915S moniter separate from ebuyer it looks pretty good well happy with that cheers

  MESH Support 09:46 01 Nov 2004

I'm sorry to hear of the problem with your new Mesh PC.

The information regarding returns provided by the FE is correct and details of this can be found in section 8 of our terms and conditions.

We would however like a chance to give you reason not to do this. I have given your email to our support supervisor to call you as you requested.


The online support currently have a delay with response to emails which may have affected the reply you are waiting for. If you wish, please email me at [email protected] along with your serial/order number and screen name (genuinefake) and I will check on it's progress.


Mesh Support

  epaticus 15:42 01 Nov 2004

davey thanks for passing on my post to tech support,can now happily say everthing is back to normal via tech support,sorry about the tone of emails sent over weekend to supportline i was only letting off steam, well i did a factory restore,i was emailed a link for a patch for the wi-fi card which i am told was causing the lockups and the mouse problem is i am told that i need a dark mouse mat as my old simply mouse mat has a picture on it which mucks up the optics on the mouse, i will wait out on that one anyway WELL DONE MESH

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