New Mesh computer not working.

  gerwaybob 18:39 22 Jun 2011

My new Mesh computer will not start up, I have checked the monitor keyboard & mouse so the problem has to be in the tower unit. Mesh obviously not responding but neither are PC Peripherals. I paid by credit card, do you think I should continue to attempt a response from PC Peripherals, or try claiming from the credit card bearing in mind everything arrived but it doesn't work?

  961 19:27 22 Jun 2011

Date of purchase?

  ams4127 23:31 22 Jun 2011

Can you give us some more information as to exactly what happens when you try to start it?

Can you hear it power up? Any "beeps"? etc. The more information you can give will help in diagnostics.

With Mesh having been taken over, you would be better off trying to fix it than trying for a refund, in my opinion.

  Forum Editor 23:43 22 Jun 2011

Are you saying that the computer has never started up, or that it has just stopped working?

  gerwaybob 10:52 23 Jun 2011

I am saying the computer has never stated up. When switched on the fan starts also the fan for the processor, two lights show on the motherboard, a green one which stays on and a red one which does a slow flash. There are no beeps or any sound coming from the hard drive.

  HondaMan 11:26 23 Jun 2011

.They went into administration on 31st May, so I presume that you received yours before that.. Are you saying that you waited until now to post about it?

  gerwaybob 20:14 23 Jun 2011

Yes. It was 10 weeks coming, a lot longer than their specified 14 working days. When it did arrive I was busy with various issues so didn't unpack it for seven weeks, then spent time trying to get a response from Mesh not realising they were in receivership.

  HondaMan 08:41 24 Jun 2011

If you paid for it by credit card you can, if PC Peripherals fail to honour the guarantee, claim under S.75 CCA.

You need to send a letter to each, by Special Delivery, notifying them of the fault and advising that you want a refund Click Here

  HondaMan 08:42 24 Jun 2011

Sorry, link did not work. Try again Click here

  gerwaybob 09:04 25 Jun 2011

Thank you for the link, although I know I should have rights it is good to be able to point to them in black and white. Still no response from PC Peripherals by any means, I spoke to the administrator last Monday who said they would have a new phone number for them for this coming week, if that fails I will start sending the letters out.

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