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  acceptmyname 16:22 31 Dec 2007

hi guys/gals i am interestred in buying some new memory for my pc here are my pc spec

click here

and i was wondering if anybody knew of any good deals at the moment i want to upgrade to 2gb (my max) i have seen a few deals but know nothin about what i should be looking for here is what i have seen.

click here
click here
click here

as you can see i have a budget of around £60 £70 max

  acceptmyname 17:28 31 Dec 2007


  citadel 17:52 31 Dec 2007

according to your link, the specs say it has pc2 4200 installed. if you want to use faster memory you will need to know if your motherboard suppots it.
download your motherboard manual as this is a mine of information and always comes in handy.
if you want to install more pc2 4200 and there are 4 slots get another 2x512. if there are only 2 get 2x1g and sell the moduals you take out.

  acceptmyname 16:35 01 Jan 2008

Thanks citadel but as i have no idea of what you mean by pc2 4200 could you please take a look at the specs of the motherboard and tell me if it will support it.
click here&

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

  bremner 16:39 01 Jan 2008

Go to Crucial click here and let them scan your system. It will tell you what upgrade choices are available.

If you haven't come across Crucial before they are one of the most respected sites on the Web.

  acceptmyname 17:07 01 Jan 2008

Thanks bremner checked ot the site it was very helpful, do you think crucial memory is better than all of above links i posted

  bremner 17:43 01 Jan 2008

I do not know whether one make of memory is better than another.

I have used Crucial for many years and have always had excellent service. However Novatech is also well recommend on this site.

  cream. 20:36 01 Jan 2008

from crucial will cost you £30.54 including postage.
click here

  DieSse 21:52 01 Jan 2008

Corsair and OCZ RAM is at least as "good" at Crucial RAM - they are all Grade 1 RAM manufacturers.

The three links you give are for faster RAM than your motherboard says it supports (up to 533MHz - which is PC2-4200 RAM.)

The Crucial RAM in the previous link is the correct speed - faster is pointless if your motherboard doesn't support it.

Novatech don't appear to supply branded Grade1 RAM at the speed you require - so my personal inclination would be to go for the Crucial offering.

  [email protected] 22:07 01 Jan 2008

click here
another to consider

  DieSse 23:13 01 Jan 2008

Kingston RAM was always the RAM I used when building systems.

click here

Lifetime warranty.

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