New Lenovo AIO problem. What would you do?

  rickf 14:05 16 Mar 2017

Hi All Got my new AIO Lenovo PC last week. Been working very well until on waking up from sleep yesterday started working very slowly and apps took about 5 minutes to work, ie a terrible lag. On restarting it took a very long time to boot up. Tried restoring to an earlier date did not solve issue. Used repair disc did not resolve the prob. either. I then manage to run Lenovo's own diagnostic tool and it reported: 1) Smart short self test: failed 2) Smart drive self test: failed. Search on web indicated possible disc failure imminent. I then , as a last resort, reset the PC to default.It's all working as should now. Dilemma: Should I send it back for a replacement/refund or keep it for another week and see how it goes before taking action? Sorry for the long post. Thanks

  Secret-Squirrel 16:31 16 Mar 2017

1) Smart short self test: failed 2) Smart drive self test: failed. Search on web indicated possible disc failure imminent.

Your searches were correct Rick - it does mean that the hard drive will probably fail catastrophically sometime soon. There's nothing you can do to repair it.

Sorry that it's not the news that you were hoping for but you should return the PC ASAP and tell them that it failed the Lenovo hard disk tests.

  rickf 16:55 16 Mar 2017

Thanks for suggestions. I thought it's likely to be the problem. However, further research indicates there are other possibilities. Think I'll try it for another week and see. It's still w/in the time limitation for a replacement or a full refund till the end of the month. Bought from Amazon so I think I am on good grounds.I am likely to send it back though next week to be on the safe side. So far it's been working very well and up to speed w/o any hitches.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:29 16 Mar 2017

I'd be happy to look at the drive's SMART info if you'd like a more accurate diagnosis.

If you don't have a tool handy then Speccy Portable can do it for you. It doesn't need installing. You'll find the SMART info in the "Storage" section. Click on "SMART Attributes", take a screenshot and post it here for me to look at.

  Forum Editor 18:24 16 Mar 2017

Transferred to Consumer Rights Advice from Tech Helproom.

  Forum Editor 18:34 16 Mar 2017

"So far it's been working very well and up to speed w/o any hitches."

There are people who have used their Lenovo machines for a couple of years or more with this error message appearing, and all has been well.

The problem may well be a faulty hard drive, and it may not but you have made a considerable investment. Although there's no harm in continuing to use the machine for a while, you will have peace of mind if you return it.

Don't bother with posting any SMART info - just get the machine (or the drive) replaced.

  rickf 20:09 16 Mar 2017

Thanks all. I agree for peace of mind it's best to return it and get a replacement or a full refund.

  rickf 20:11 16 Mar 2017

BTW, Secret-Squirrel, thanks for your kind offer.

  rickf 11:13 18 Mar 2017

PC is now booked for return on Monday. A secondary dilemma though. Before the decision, it won't boot into windows so couldn't get in to wipe H/D. It therefore have some of my details on the H/D. Wondering if it is safe to return it in this state. Anyway done now but concerned. Am I overly suspicious??

  Forum Editor 13:00 18 Mar 2017

"Am I overly suspicious??"

The machine will be tested by the supplier, and that will involve accessing the hard drive - any files on it will be visible. Any repair might also involve wiping the drive, so data files will be gone.

You might want to contact the company asap and ask them to save the drive for you if a new one is fitted. They may also agree to transfer data files to removable media for you.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:40 18 Mar 2017

It therefore have some of my details on the H/D.

If your details are contained within regular files then you could create a bootable Linux USB or CD to access the hard drive and delete them. If your details are saved passwords and browser history etc then it'll be more difficult.

By the way, although it can be done with bootable media, I wouldn't recommend wiping the drive because they might think it was you who caused the problem with Windows being unable to boot up.

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