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  MidgetMan 21:26 18 Nov 2004

I have just bought a new laptop for my eldests xmas pressie from currys, it was the only one left and therefore a display model which was a packard bell(blf5281). got a good discount and also free carry bag thrown in so not complaining to much. However on getting it home I find that it has been setup with a password for currys so could not access windows, 30 minutes on phone arguing with manager he finally gives me password. I have setup a new account ok etc, I have also found that windows has, it would appear already been registered to currys, will this cause me a problem when I want to update etc??

Depite my questioning the assistant about recovery disks etc and being told at least 3 times that a recovery cd was in pack (he showed me a sealed pack that was rigid) i find that the pack contains a book and a sheet of cardboard and nothing else,so was I lied to to or was it just ignorance? but where do I stand?

I have just spent 30 minutes uninstalling the aol demo and the rolling demo that currys installed, but cannot find out how to confirm if windows has indeed been registered and how to make a masterbackup of the recovery disk (if indeed it is installed on the harddrive).

What i would like to do is give this to my daughter in a "new" condition software wise, is it possible to put it back to new state and if needed re-register windows in her name?.

  Al94 21:58 18 Nov 2004

You were lied to. All Packard Bell Pc's come with a recovery disc to reinstate the PC " as it left the factory" Do not accept the position - go backe to them and demand that they supply PB CD's or get a full refund.

  Dizzy Bob 21:58 18 Nov 2004


Generally the PAckard Bell range now has an on-board restore rather than recovery discs.

Turn the machine off, then turn it on and repeatedly press F10, this should take you into the recovery console. Chose 'Destructive Restore' not Quick Format (may be in advanced options) and this should restore that machine back to factory settings. The store should really have done this before you collected the machine.

You should find an option in the system tools menu to burn a set of recovery discs. I strongly suggest that you do this, cos PB will charge you £60 if you ever need to order them from PB.

Hope this helps.

Dizzy Bob

  MidgetMan 13:37 20 Nov 2004

Thanks for that advice, I have now done what you suggested, except burnt the recovery disks, says it needs 10 cd,s and when it is finished the hidden partition is wiped clean. Bit drastic, what if the burn goes wrong??

This laptop has got a dvd burner so wondering if i could burn to dvd instead.

Still cannot figure out if xp has already been regisered though, what happens if you need to reformat and reload windows??

  Dizzy Bob 22:02 21 Nov 2004

Not 100% sure on this but i assume that the partition is deleted to prevent multiple copies of the recovery discs being burned and used unscrupulously. I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't use a DVD unless anyone else knows better???

Windows probably has not been registered as the Pc's on display in DSG stores (except the bloody Albacomp) don't ask for Windows to be activated.

You would only need the recovery discs in case of a complete HDD failure and the installation of a virgin drive, otherwise you could just use the restore function as before.

Hope this helps,

Dizzy Bob

  fitcher 19:19 22 Nov 2004

it has an on board restore point partition as dizzy says and i'm sure you do not need to register. it is done by the vendor it is on a partition you go back to

  Jackcoms 19:47 24 Nov 2004


I'm surprised that you're even bothering to ask these questions.

I know you "got a good discount" but, in return, it seems you bought a pup (or even a dog).

Take it back and get your money back, swallow your pride, spend a bit more and buy a proper laptop. :-)

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