new laptop from John Lewis

  iqs 17:25 27 Nov 2010


My father is considering purchasing a laptop for Christmas.
He has a budget of £300,it will be used for internet use only.So now performance model is required.

From my past experiences I informed him not to purchase from a well known PC supplier.
I looked at the models from Novatech,they look suitable but you need to add on the price of an OS.This go's above his budget.

I have purchased electrical items form John Lewis before,but never PC related items.

Have any of the forum members purchased a laptop from them,if so,what what your experiences when problems arose,good or bad.

Thank you

  john bunyan 17:36 27 Nov 2010

Yes, I bought a Toshiba laptop from them in April, on the grouds that they give a 2 year guarantee. Mine was over £600 however.I did have a iPod Touch replaced uner their extended guarantee, so I think they are very reliable on this aspect.

  Forum Editor 17:50 27 Nov 2010

finding a better retailer than John Lewis. Your father can buy with confidence.

  iqs 19:59 27 Nov 2010

Thank you for the replies john bunyan & Forum Editor,very much appreciated .
I will pass your comments on to my father.

  iscanut 21:15 27 Nov 2010

John Lewis are excellent. You would not regret buying from them. I have used them in past and when TV failed, it was replaced under warranty before the old one was returned !

  iqs 21:42 27 Nov 2010

thanks iscanut

  john 52 12:14 28 Nov 2010

I can recommend John Lewis as well ! They will also price match bricks and mortar stores .You can also order online and collect in store and includes a free 90 day software support service along with a 2 year warranty

click here

  iqs 18:47 28 Nov 2010

thank you john 52

  Mike D 19:29 28 Nov 2010

Just to add my two pennuth. Last Thursday I bought my daughter an HP laptop from John Lewis. I took it out of the box to set it up for her and after I had done everything my daughter noticed that the lid was scratched. I was certain I had not caused the damage, but it was a sealed box so ...
Anyway I rang JL and after a visit this morning it was exchanged without quibble - not many retailers would do that.

  iqs 17:36 02 Dec 2010

Hi all,

Just to update you all.My father purchased the laptop,so far so good.
Just in the process of creating the recovery DVD's then remove all the rubbish that was installed.

Thanks again for your help.

  spuds 18:49 02 Dec 2010

Our local John Lewis computer section is very limited on their range of products. And I found their 'partner' (shop assistant) not to savvy on some of the products.

Not sure if it still applies, but John Lewis may still price match, so if you have a print-out, take that with you. If finance is tight, you might try for one one of their Partnership credit cards (completed in store in 10 minutes, and like/used as a normal credit card), which might still offer a interest free period for new customers, on first purchase!.

Argos give interest free terms on their store card, over a certain amount spent.

I bought a television (5 year warranty)from John Lewis about 3 years ago, which they priced matched against Argos (Argos 3 year warranty). Had a slight problem setting up the deal in-store, so due to waiting I was offered a free meal in their restaurant, which I declined. They then gave me some expensive scart leads for free as recompense.

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