New Laptop

  ened 09:02 25 Jul 2009

I am going round in circles.

I have decided I want a lappy to take in the car primarily to download and check my photos.

As with all these things I will use it for other things as well.

I have decided my budget is no more than £500 and less if possible.

I had a look at this click here

But a couple of people have told me that the hinges on HP laptops tend to go after about a year.

Any comments or recommendations will be gratefully received

  dagnammit 09:39 25 Jul 2009

Recommend the Toshiba A300 series. We have the A300-1RY which is about £500 now and it's solid, bought 6 months ago.

  ened 12:05 25 Jul 2009

I am heading off down to PC World later to have a proper look.

Does anybody have opinions of HP Laptops?

  rdave13 12:09 25 Jul 2009

Have a Compaq Presario C500. Two years old and lid hinges still ok.

  rdave13 12:17 25 Jul 2009

Going to Staples tomorrow to get a laptop for my son and this one has caught my eye; click here

  ened 12:22 25 Jul 2009

Thanks for that comment rdave13.

Maybe I am being too fussy but I am spoilt for choice.

I kept coming back to HP/Compaq and needed re-assurance about the build quality.

  rdave13 12:39 25 Jul 2009

This thread might put you off, though. click here

  ened 19:16 25 Jul 2009

I've decided to go for a Dell Studio 15 (£479).

click here

I only need one more piece of info.

Does it include a scroll feature?

If anybody could answer that question for me before tomorrow I would be most grateful.

  monkeyboy21 19:16 25 Jul 2009

I've had my HP 6735s for 7 months now and no problems, in fact my flatmate bought exactly the same model as he was impressed. I'm happy with the build quality, and for £399 got Vista Home Premium, AMD Turion x2 dual processor, 4GB Ram, 250GB hard drive, ATI Radeon 3200 graphics card, 5 in 1 Card reader and Bluetooth. This was from Ebuyer.



  ened 15:31 26 Jul 2009

It seems there are pros and cons in just about every machine I have looked at.

The Dell I was looking at had very poor reviews on their own website (At least you know they don't doctor them).

I thought about this
click here

Some cons:

Trial software - Office 2007 and Macafee - pre-installed, which I believe is difficult to remove. I certainly don't want either.

Also one person mentioned that the built-in reader won't read high capacity SD Cards.

The last point would be a big minus for me because I want to be able to download pictures immediately.

Having said that I believe in the quality of Sony.

Can anybody offer advice because I have spent all weekend on this and am no further forward?

  spuds 17:32 26 Jul 2009

Probably not much help, but when I purchased my laptop (12 months ago!)I was seriously considering a Dell as a first option. Had problems with the Dell sales team and their refusal to accept a free delivery voucher code (saving £60.00!). So I went to the Ebuyer website to see what they had on promotional offer. Chose an FS laptop, after contacting their helpline (found very knowledgable). For the price of the Dell, I managed to get extras from Ebuyer, like case, upgraded ram, mouse, plus next day free delivery. Ordered at 7.30pm arrived next day at 9am.

I do not know if it still applies with Staples, but they may still have their 28 returns policy, if you do not like a product. Not sure if this would apply to laptops, but you can always ask. If you have a John Lewis in your area, you might get an extended warranty for free, plus an interest free credit arrangement for 6 months, if you get a JL Partnership card.

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