New laptop

  j.woody 18:41 03 Oct 2008

Hi, i want to get new laptop beacuse my old dell is broken and it has stopped working. My budget is around £500. I would like the laptop to have a 15.4" screen, have an Intel core 2 quad processor, 4gb memory, 250gb ram, Nvidia 256 MB graphics card, have N-Gen integrated wireless and have vista ultimate or Xp.
Any help would be appreciated.

  interzone55 20:56 03 Oct 2008

You're not going to get a quad core laptop for £500, they're the current top end, four figure territory I'm afraid.

£500 will get you a mid range Core2Duo or Athlon machine, something like this

click here

I've been looking at this laptop for my Mother-in-law who's decided to enter the computer age...

  GaT7 21:29 03 Oct 2008

Also consider these Dells...

Dell Studio 15 with a TrueLife (reflective) screen click here = £499 / Graphics info click here

Dell Vostro 1510 with an anti-glare screen click here = £504 / Graphics info click here


  j.woody 21:47 03 Oct 2008

thanks for all of the info so far. About the quad core thing, what i meant was a core 2 Duo, sorry about that. I was also wandering would it be possible to swap the processor around? I have got an intel quad core processor (my friend gave it to me)so would it work if i took the processor out of the dell vostro (or a different laptop) and swapped it?.

  GaT7 22:27 03 Oct 2008

If it's a laptop processor, it may be possible? Desktop processor, no.

Swapping processors (C2D to quad) may cause power problems, & invalidate your warranty. G

  j.woody 22:39 03 Oct 2008

ok, thanks for the advice, but has anyone actually tried to do this???

  interzone55 22:54 03 Oct 2008

You'll probaly find that the quad processor is a desktop unit, laptop quads are very rare.

I'd advise against putting a desktop chip into a laptop. Even if it fit (unlikely as the sockets are different) it will cause major cooling problems.
Laptop CPUs have a lower thermal output than desktop CPUs.

Intel's website doesn't currently list any mobile quad core chips, but a few of the really big desktop replacement laptops are running desktop quads, check the Dell Precison M6400, this has a quad core chip, but it'll break your legs if you tried to use it on your lap...

  j.woody 08:08 04 Oct 2008

Ok, thanks, i think that i will not swap the processors around of any new laptop that i get.

  Forum Editor 08:56 04 Oct 2008

try to fit a Desktop processor into a laptop's motherboard.

The processor - even if it fits and works - will overheat within minutes and wreck itself, and quite probably the laptop's motherboard.

  j.woody 10:26 04 Oct 2008

whats the best laptop that i can get for £500?

  Joe R 12:16 04 Oct 2008


can't fing much better than this at the price.

click here

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