New kit for Xmas and it doesnt work for you!

  jack 08:21 13 Dec 2005

This is going to happen to a lot us

New kit eagerly unpacked , quick read of the book
set it up - I wont go, try again it still wont go
Pack it up take it back.

Before you do the last bit try the following.

Last week I purchased a DVD recorder/HDD.
Set it up - it worked - played some more and it stopped working - it simply did not respond to the remote-which continued to work the TV ok [its a dual remote] after a couple of days I was ready to take it back.
So I phoned a mate and asked him to spend an hour with it, just be be sure.
When he came round, I did not regale him with my misfortune. I simply said Rom my old mate imagine you have just bought it - now set it up- So he did
and it worked just like that- What happened?-
In the eagerness of setting up and playing I had inadvertantly switched a control that set the type of player . No indicators to show - it simply no longer worked.-
A second brain and eyes can save a few head aches

  spuds 09:50 13 Dec 2005

This seems to happen in my household with remotes. Accidently catching the 'vcr' button instead of the 'tv' or 'sat' button ;o)

  realist 10:08 13 Dec 2005

If I'd known I'd have asked your mate to come round and have a go at setting up the Casio Exilim digicam I bought for my grandson's Xmas prez. Thought I'd get it all ready to go for him, charged the battery, got to the set-up screen but at first touch of the input buttons the ******* telefoto lens extended and then wouldn't retract. All I got thereafter on switching on was a few seconds of R2D2-type chatter, beeps and squeaks and so on, and then it would shut down, lens still extended. It's now gone back to Casio from whom all I have so far received is a deafening silence. The lesson of this story is leave your grandson to set up his own stuff!

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