New HDTV, considering 2, an LCD and plasma..

  AL47 20:44 07 Aug 2009

im looking at
LCD: samsungs [40"] UE40B7000
Plasma: panasonic [42"] TX-P42V10

they are totally different to each other, but almost identical in price, [to a point where it doesnt matter]

as said in other threads, i will undoubtidly have it hooked up to my laptop at times and as such screen burn may be an issue on the plasma, the lcd is also better on power and vibrancy, and although not as good on blacks this one is LED backlit

the plasma is more energy demanding, but i expect better on blacks, there souldnt be much light coming into the room and i understand plasmas look better in dark environments

one very important thing, alot of viewing is going to be SD freeview so upscaling is very important

bottom line, atm im torn, slightly leaning to the LCD

  ArrGee 21:13 07 Aug 2009

Def go LCD. Lower power rating, less (0) chance on burn.

You've pretty much answered you own question already!

  birdface 00:37 08 Aug 2009

Take your measuring tape with you when you go to see the Samsung.
We measured the one for sale in Asda's as we were going to buy it.
The wife said thats not a 40" T/ she compared it to different make of t/v
So we borrowed a tape from Asda's hardware aisle and measured it.Sure enough from bottom corner of the screen to top corner of the screen it was only 38".I asked the assistant how can you sell that as a 40"t/v when it only measures 38".it comes in the box marked 40" she said.

It may be a different model that you are going to buy.But I would measure it first.

  laurie53 07:08 08 Aug 2009

Panasonic is generally better quality, of course.

Regularly recommended as a "Best Buy" in various place.

Mind you, I'm prejudiced, I bought one earlier this week!

  sumon108 10:44 08 Aug 2009

you can find more here

Panasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P50G10 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV
click here

  sumon108 10:45 08 Aug 2009

one more
Samsung LN40B650 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with Red Touch of Color
click here

  AL47 10:53 08 Aug 2009

i will take the tape

a bad note [which may have put me off the lcd] is that the way it gets the blacks figures is by on the fly dimming of the sidelit leds meaning the picture changes while watching a scene, something ive seen before that drives me mad,

it can be turned off but then id loose the blacks! but then i need to be able to hook up the laptop to it, ahh the dilema!

  birdface 14:43 08 Aug 2009

I know very little about TVs but was told that plasma TVs had to be re-gassed every so often.Which can add to the expense.True or false I am not sure.
Maybe someone that already has a Plasma can comment.

  961 15:02 08 Aug 2009

No, that's not true. Myth from the past

However, I'm LCD. Blacks much improved on latest sets, with many up to plasma standards. Lower power use, no screen burn, pin sharp picture, much improved with fast moving sport in recent models

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