New HDD, but not OEM

  Skeletor 13:17 29 May 2005

Hi all,

I'm looking at getting a new HDD. I'm not interested in OEM as I want any gubbins like leads, manuals and screws etc. that might come with it. I have looked on the net. While some state OEM, others do not. Do I assume that those that do not are retail. What I'm saying really is, do online stores have a legal obligation to say when something is OEM, or do I have to make a call to check.

BTW I'm thinking of getting a Western Digital WD2500JB. Online prices (OEM?) are about £90. If anyone has any other recommendations I would be grateful.

Win XP Home
Current HDD Samsung SV8004H
Pent 4 2.66Ghz

Many thanks


  Ancient Learner 14:13 29 May 2005

I wanted to do exactly as you do, for the same reasons, a year or two ago. At that time it was easy to phone, whereas nowadays most retailers seem to have ditched the phone in favour of all Internet buying. I had an interesting journey as, as you suggest there was no guarantee that the HDD was a retail boxed item just because there was no mention of OEM. However, I would think that you would be pretty safe with the likes of click here, or click here, or click here , providing you read the lists carefully, and if you find they list both OEM and Retail, there will be a noticeable price difference.

Good hunting!

  Rayuk 15:03 29 May 2005

PCWorld shop or online is one place

  Joe R 15:31 29 May 2005


this is the full retail pack, and for what it's worth, a superb buy.

  Joe R 15:31 29 May 2005


click here

  Skeletor 15:37 29 May 2005

Thanks Ancient Learner, Rayuk and Joe R,

I have thought about buying from PC World as they do the HDD for £116 online (retail).

Joe R, I can't see your link. Can you post again.



  Skeletor 15:46 29 May 2005

Thanks Joe R,

Are you sure it's retail, as the price seems a little too good, and I can't see where it says "retail".



  pj123 16:11 29 May 2005

I don't think there is a retail version anymore.

They certainly don't come with a manual. You probably already have space on the IDE cable fitted to your main Hard drive and as for screws I can send you a pack of screws (and an IDE cable if you don't have one) for free. Why pay more than you need for the same size hard drive.

  bremner 16:16 29 May 2005

Here are all the retail boxed drives available from Ebuyer click here

  Joe R 16:36 29 May 2005


bremner's link is by far the best.

  pj123 17:05 29 May 2005

Yes bremner's link is good, but it still does not say whether they include the fitting screws and IDE cable? You also have make sure that your computer can accept this size hard drive.

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