new grapics card £150

  handy4x 21:32 08 Aug 2006

my graphics card just bit the dust but lucily was still under waranty [one month left] so i have a credit of £150 from ebuyer which cards give best performance i use mostly car racing games

  Mr Beeline 22:02 08 Aug 2006

Assuming PCIe, then:

click here

is probably about the best bet. Though you will need to put another £25 in the pot.

  handy4x 23:07 08 Aug 2006

yes pci sorry should have stated that another £25 shouldnt be a problem if the card wil last me awhile the old card was a radion x850 pro

  Mr Beeline 16:59 09 Aug 2006

Yep... a 7900GT should see you OK for a while.

The X850 pro was a nice card, I'm still running an X800pro and have no intention of replacing till Vista and DX10 come along. Just means I have to drop the resolution on some games a bit as times move on.

Good luck.

  handy4x 20:16 09 Aug 2006

yes thank you all i think that the7900gt seems to be the one but some one on the revews said the x1800xt is better ? canot find any comparason reveues

  Mr Beeline 21:17 09 Aug 2006

Hello again

To be honest, I can't see there being that much of a "real world" difference in it. Now if you could stretch to an X1900XT then I think that would be different. But you are talking a fair bit more money.

Mind you, I don't think Ebuyer has any X1800's in stock anyway. does, but I'm assuming your credit note ties you to Ebuyer.

  handy4x 21:26 09 Aug 2006

thats it then i am going to buy the 7900gt i will now post this as solved many thanks all

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