New graphics card same size as old!

  matthew-293741 08:50 28 Oct 2005

Lo all

I currently own a Nvidia FX5200 and am looking to upgrade due to the imminent release of COD2.

My puta isnt a the same size as a tower case (about three quarters in width). I recently purchased a FX5900 Ultra which turned out to be too wide and deep and required two slots at the back on my PC. There are no spare slots on the back (due to compact size)

could anyone recommend a new card with the sort of dimensions that would fit in my PC.

Obviously i want a newer better card but cannot find sizes in (mm's) on the manufacturers specification.

Would something like a FX6600 work?

i have around the 150 pound mark to spend.

also it has to be AGP.

Thanks in advance

  Splork 09:29 28 Oct 2005

175x100x20mm are the rough dimensions for a 6600, and they only require 1 slot - 6600GT can be had for ?150 although people in the know say a stock 6800 is better for high resolutions (ie > 1024x768, with AA on), and roughly the same price. Stick `geforce 6800 mm agp` in Google and you get a fair amount of information back.

  Mr Beeline 21:47 29 Oct 2005


A lot also depends on what the spec of the rest of your system is.

EG. Little point in fitting a top flight card if the CPU is going to bottle neck things.

Have a look at someone like they have a decent range of cards available at reasonable prices. As mentioned by splork, the Nvidia 6800, or the ATI X800 would be a decent upgrade.

As to the size of the boards... do a GOOGLE and there's bound to be a test review and the better ones sometimes mention the size.

Worth pointing out, that decent AGP cards are starting to get a little thin on the ground, what with the rapid take up of PCIexpress.

Good luck.

  Mr Beeline 21:53 29 Oct 2005

Also worth mentioning that also have a product clearance section and sometime have some real bargains.

EG. currently have a **Clearance** Sparkle GeForce FX 5900XT 128MB DDR TV-Out/DVI (AGP) - for £50+VAT. and for someone maybe upgrading an older system, this would be an absolute bargain.

Mind you... you mention COD2 and this is pretty system intensive allround. So maybe the 6800, or X800 would be a better bet.

  garrema 11:57 30 Oct 2005

IIRC the term you need to use is small form factor. You may be best served asking suppliers what they have which is small, dimensions etc. Then check you have space inside - card cut out!
The 6800 cards are long and wide, 6600 cards are stubbier but about as wide.
Check out the stores like PCW e.g an FX5700 will be cheap & much better than you have now and I think they are fairly slim. If it does not fit you can return it much easier than an online co.
Good luck

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