New Graphics Card Help For HDTV, CAD and General A

  sipo1 11:02 10 Feb 2006

Hi Everybody Newbie in need of some advice

I currently have a HP Pavilion 700 PC
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.67GHz
512MB of RAM
and a Nvidia GeForce MX 440
which doesn't have a DVI output.

I do gaming but mostly CAD and Solidworks use.

I would like a new card to have a DVI Output to make best use of
my Samsung 172T Digital Monitor.

Also I would like a card suitable to process High Definition content
direct to my LG 32" LCD (while on the subject can anybody recommend
the places to download HD material).

The thing is dont want to spend much, just a suitable upgrade from existing
I would appreciate anybody's help.

  citadel 19:58 10 Feb 2006

I don't think there are any graphics cards that are hd ready or computer monitors. You can get a graphics card with dvi that will improve picture on your monitor.

  rupie 23:13 10 Feb 2006

The CAD and solidworks will not really push your graphics card, it is the games that will. As for the tv side output to the lcd screen at the NATIVE resolution of the screen for optimum quality. Again this will not push any card to great extremes. Graphics cards are worked hard when they have to render things like real time 3d texture and graphics. Most HDTV is based on an mpeg2 format and so the card does not have to work much out. Spend what you can but remember DVI and HD are not the same. More RAM in your pc would probably do the world of good to up its performance all round.

  sipo1 09:19 13 Feb 2006

As for the tv side output to the lcd screen at the NATIVE resolution of the screen for optimum quality.

Rupie please can you explain what this means
sorry not to clever with this sort of thing.

  De Marcus™ 09:36 13 Feb 2006

Native resolutions refer to the physical number of pixels in any given monitor, for example a 17" tft will have a native resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, giving a total of 1,310,720 pixels. Whilst the tft will be capable of displaying other resolutions, it's native resolution will always produce the best results.

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