New game does not work but Game UK won't refund me

  Red Devil 16:55 14 Sep 2006

Hi all,

I recently bought a game - Cossacks II - Battle for Europe from Game UK in Tunbridge Wells. When I bought the game, the assistant tried to tell me that I would not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances as it was Game UK's company policy not to do that with PC Games as they say they are too easily pirated.

The game, however, does not work on my PC. It simply won't load once it's been installed. Obviously I would like to take the game back and get a refund and feel that I am entitled to do that despite what Game UK say or what their "company policy" is.

But what exactly are my statutory rights in these circumstances? Are Game UK allowed to simply label all PC users as potential pirates without so much as a scrap of evidence to support this assumption and then refuse refunds based on this?

Any guidance anyone could give me on this situation would be appreciated.

  terryf 17:13 14 Sep 2006

Is it the game that is faulty or is it that it is not compatible with your computer? Does the packaging give system requirements and does your machine meet those requirements? Does the game work on another computer? Have you actually gone back to the shop and politely asked to speak to a manager and explained your problem with the game? A bit of soft soap and a request for help will usually work better than expecting your rights.

  Totally-braindead 17:14 14 Sep 2006

You are entitled to a replacement if the actual disk is faulty. But if you bought a game and your computer isn't up to it ie it doesn't meet the minimum specs then you aren't entitled to a refund.
What the law says regarding this I'm not sure but I'm sure some of the others will comment.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:14 14 Sep 2006

If the game is actually faulty, ie the disk has a manufacturing defect, your statutory rights provide you with the all the protection you need. The right to a refund, or replacement, at your discretion. If, however, it is not faulty but will not run due to an issue with your pc, then Game are under no obligation to do anything, especially as it is no longer in the sealed package. It is up to you to ensure your pc can run any software you buy.

  freaky 17:34 14 Sep 2006

What is the specification of your PC ?

The reason I am asking is because I played the game some years ago and had no problems, apart from downloading a few patches for in-game play.

  Red Devil 17:38 14 Sep 2006

The absolute bare minimum apart from the amount of discspace and DVD speed, but it should still work according to the box.

  brundle 17:50 14 Sep 2006

tried patching it?
click here

  Red Devil 17:52 14 Sep 2006

When I try updating it online, I'm told I have the latest version but thanks anyway.

  ulrich 18:03 14 Sep 2006

The min specification might not be enough. Hove you got the latest direct x and drivers for your graphics card? I'm not sure it has been ou for that long, the original Cossacks was sometime ago.

  Red Devil 18:06 14 Sep 2006

Yep, got all the latest drivers and the game installed the latest version of DirectX as part of the install process.

  STREETWORK 18:34 14 Sep 2006

Strange, Game gave me a total refund for a game without blinking...

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