New (?) fraud

  Rigor mortis 19:20 27 Oct 2006

I haven't heard of this one previously.
Phone rings. A recorded message states that there has been unusual activity on my Mastercard and they would like to confirm the transactions with me.
An interactive type message now says my name and asks me to press any button to confirm and continue.
I do.
It asks me to key in my date of birth. I hung up.
I wonder how many people would actually give their personal details to a recorded message / interactive phone?

  sean-278262 19:25 27 Oct 2006

Call mastercard or your card company and report it and dial to get the number that called you.

  Forum Editor 00:27 28 Oct 2006

many people (including me) have had the same call. You'll find that your card company will be very familiar with it.

  spuds 11:50 28 Oct 2006

Be extremely careful with these type of messages. While it is standard bank procedure to give your name then request your date of birth (usually your security password), there is a scam going on. By pressing certain digits on your telephone (usually 9), this can lock you onto a premium line, which can result in a heavy telephone bill.

One particular active telephone scam that as hit the headlines this week, apparently locks you into a £15.00 extra charge rate. So if you a suspicious of any calls, then contact the person or company direct yourself, and resolve any problems that way.

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