New forum area for SP2

  Forum Editor 18:34 26 Aug 2004

We're starting to see an increase in the number of threads about Windows XP SP2 as the download rate from the Windows update site begins to accelerate. It seems to make sense to keep all SP2 threads in one place, so we're adding a special SP2 forum where we can more easily deal with the questions that arise.

We hope that the forum will appear at some point on Friday, so watch out for it in the blue list at the top left of your pages - where it says 'Registered Users Area'.

Once we're up and running I'll begin moving all SP2 threads over to the new forum from here, so keep posting in the helproom for the time being.

  Totally-braindead 19:14 26 Aug 2004

I was wondering when this forum area was going to start. I'm waiting before installing SP2 but will be reading the threads with great interest.

  mole44 20:13 26 Aug 2004

as usual FE is on the ball,thanks from us all FE

  Al94 21:28 26 Aug 2004

It will be a big "non-event" in a very few weeks. I have installed it on 14 computers, no problems and can only see benefits.

  Al94 21:30 26 Aug 2004

(Not being critical - good idea to keep concerns separate)

  Danoh 08:43 27 Aug 2004

Imagine the costs of consultancy, agonising over business process and customer service improvements, design, enhancements, implementation, testing and rollout effort, licence fees, analysing CRM results, committeee driven decisions on actions, for typical CRM in action.

Never mind the length of time this all takes, with the potential for everyone to fall out with each other.

And the FE just does it all in one fell swop.

  Danoh 08:46 27 Aug 2004

What of other SP2 threads in other forums, such as this? Will they also be incorporated in this new forum?

  steve1ooo 15:20 27 Aug 2004

Installed SP2 with out any problems,untill i tried to access my online banking.Every time i tried to load the log in screen Sp2`s pop up blocker....blocked it! Had to turn it off in the end and turned the one in the google tool bar back on.Perhaps Bill should have asked googles advise.

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