New Evesham Laptop returned twice

  ton 20:18 10 Jun 2004

We have returned this six week old laptop to Evesham twice for the same problem.

They say nothing is wrong.

It won't play a DVD without the sound and vision stuttering, as if the computer can't keep up.
The sound is like the wow & flutter on a tape player and is very noticeable.

The DVDs are not faulty and are perfect on the desktop (with one third of the CPU and memory) and on the standalone DVD player.

We even sent Evesham two DVDs which show the problem well.

We wrote a note saying listen very carefully, but once you have heard it, it stands out a mile.

The laptop was returned for the second time today with a note saying "ABSOLUTELY NO FAULT FOUND".

We put a DVD in and heard the fault within about 30 seconds.

Any advice as to what we should do or who we could speak to would be very welcome.

I had expected a laptop with 3gig.CPU and 1gig. memory (and cost about £1400) to play a DVD without a problem

  rômanab 22:15 10 Jun 2004

You may want to post this at consumerwatchclick here :o)

  rômanab 22:18 10 Jun 2004

Oops, you already have sorry :o(

  Grey Man 22:36 10 Jun 2004

could you post the link to this thread in the consumerwatch please

  VoG II 22:39 10 Jun 2004
  Forum Editor 23:17 10 Jun 2004

to Consumerwatch, and delete the thread you've posted there.

  ton 23:43 10 Jun 2004

Thanks FE.

  Forum Editor 23:45 10 Jun 2004

is that a DVD can be played perfectly well on a machine with a 350MHz Pentium II processor, so you can rule out the CPU as a cause.

1. Go to \Start\Run\, type DXDIAG, click OK, go to the Display tab and make sure that you have all 3 of the DirectX features enabled/active.

2. Lower the display resolution to 1024x768 16bit colors.

It's worth checking those two points.

  deskboundsue 01:44 11 Jun 2004

Hmmmmmmmmm. Bit worried by all this, just found out that Evesham have now discontinued this model - anyone any idea why?????.....Alarm bells are starting to ring. Meantime I have a problem with the memory card 'button' sticking out, and compared with my last laptop, a Fujitsu lifebook running on win95 the Evesham Voyager seems to crash at the drop of a hat...

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