New Electric Cooker A Rarity For Disabled People.

  Big L 266 09:31 05 Sep 2010


I'm unfortunate enough to have multiple osteo-arthritis and fibromyaglia neither of which will ever get better.With my current cooker,the grill was below the four main rings which required bending somewhat.Below that sat the oven which was never used.In other words a useful cooker but not suited for myself sadly.

I recently found a free-standing electric cooker with an eye-level grill and went into my local store for a demo.The demo was indeed eye-level and the grill pan had some interesting security features built-in.It ran on two secure rails.You could pull it forward and it would tilt down allowing food to be cooked and turned without removing the grill pan.You could even see the food cooking which was a real bonus.To remove the grill pan,it had to be pushed right back and then lifted off over the security rails.Even better was the fact that the grill pan had two large handles either end to grip.The element runs right across the grill width to ensure even cooking.It was ideal for someone like me with arthritis in both hands.

Thankfully its also slightly wider than the average cooker.There are also four main heater plates and below is a raised fan-assisted oven with a fair size space at the bottom for storage.All the elements heat up quicker and cooking times are reduced.Needlesss to say I bought one there and then and which was installed on Friday for me!

Its also very expensive but according to the shop its a great seller.(I assume being electric its the only one of its type on the market.) I can see already from cooking two full meals that this purchase was worthy of my spending money.I also took an extended additional 2 year warranty for £50 which kicks in at the end of the first year of guarantee.

For me personally it means no more bending in half to see whats cooking.With arthritis in my neck and spine,coupled with balance and dizzy spells from the arthritis,this cooker is a true god-send! I believe its a really great purchase, and, for once, its British made!

Big L 266

  Chris the Ancient 11:56 05 Sep 2010

I'm so pleased to see that you have found something very useful.

However, can you give any sort of link to it?

I ask because my 'arfur' is gradually developing (hereditary - most of my family tree above had it) and it's now getting into my hands (especially fingers)and knees; and I can see that the day is not that far away when it will be a problem for me.

Hence, leads like this in good time will be saved for when that day comes.

  spuds 12:52 05 Sep 2010

Good bit of information, and as CtA suggested, a link would not go amiss.

I have recently been in the various retailers having a browse, but in the main it seems as though electric only appliances are nowadays being substituted for gas or perhaps dual fuel units with little loading capacities.

  Big L 266 13:37 05 Sep 2010


Thanks for your replies.I didn't put a link in my original thread it case it was seen as 'spam'.If you click the link below it will take you to the model I've just bought.

click here

The specs on this electric cooker are excellent especially its 'A electric rating.I've done two meals on the grill now and had two successes.I hope it'll help you both out.

All the best.

Big L 266

  wiz-king 15:26 05 Sep 2010

I have had a couple of their gas cookers over the years and have been pleased with them.

  Chris the Ancient 15:29 05 Sep 2010

Thanks for that link. (I can't imagine that anyone here would think that you were a spammer!).

I will save it for 'when the day comes'.


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