New desktop pc advice please

  Shorty123 09:12 30 Apr 2007

My sister has asked me to research the best to buy.

She wants a 17" tft monitor, wants the desktop to be wireless enabled (as it will be moving around her home due to building/decorating work).

It will not be used for gaming but will be used for internet, working a bit from home so she wants the best specs she can afford.

She'd like it to include microsoft office if possible.

I am struggling to find desktops that are wireless enabled - are all new ones likely to be?

She is expecting (hoping) to pay around £350 to £500.

Any advice/suggestions gratefully received.


  wee eddie 09:19 30 Apr 2007

Unless she works for the NHS or one of the household is in Education.

  Shorty123 09:23 30 Apr 2007

Thanks eddie..I dont understand your reply (sorry). She has two children at school.

  wee eddie 09:51 30 Apr 2007

NHS Staff can get it cheap and there is a very "cut down" Student edition available for about £85.

There's plenty of other software available that will do the job. Some of it free.

Who will be her Broad Band Supplier(ISP). They may provide the necessary equipment, included in the monthly charge, if she takes out a 12 month Contract.

  Shorty123 10:09 30 Apr 2007

Ah thanks for that, hadn't realised how expensive it was, she'll have to make do with her old office then.

Her broadband supplier is virgin media.

  wee eddie 10:33 30 Apr 2007

If she already has M$ Office she can load it onto her new PC: I could be shot down in flames on that statement as I am not sure which older versions are compatible with Vista.

Technically you are allowed to load Office onto your PC and your Laptop, the accent being on "Your" as there is only one user. She should be able to run it on 2 PCs, in the same house, I don't reckon that there would be any serious complaint.

  Shorty123 10:39 30 Apr 2007

Thanks for that. Any advice re whether new desktops are wireless enabled? Thanks.

  wjrt 11:17 30 Apr 2007

think only top of the range pc will be enabled but one of these will do the job
click here

  Shorty123 11:31 30 Apr 2007

Thanks wjrt...sorry to be thick but does plugging that in meake it wireless enabled (I can tell you are wondering why my sister wants my help but she is worse than me!)

  wee eddie 12:21 30 Apr 2007

Is her Broadband: Cable or ADSL (via a phone line)?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:18 30 Apr 2007

To save a l;ot of money she can use Open Office which is very similar to Office and is costs nothing and is here

I would get her to have a look at Dell, their prices and delivery are excellent. You can buy a wireless dongle for around £12 click here for £369 is a cracker and comes with a 19"TFT monitor and Vista.

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