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  rubbed 21:52 08 Mar 2008

Hi all.

I want to buy a cheap good value desktop for work and casual gaming. (I will be running alot of applications).

Heres what I have picked so far..

click here
click here
click here

I already have a good hard drive / dvd writer / keyboard mouse etc..

All i need now is a good graphics card for my son to play his games on.

I was thinking either:

click here
click here

What do you all think of the items I have picked out?

Is it good value for money, and if you would change anything what would it be? (I dont want to spend too much, but at the same time want this PC to last and be fast).

  citadel 22:02 08 Mar 2008

you will have to wipe your hard drive and buy a oem windows disc vista or xp about £60. I would get a q6600 quad for 'a lot of applications'

  rubbed 22:25 08 Mar 2008

yeah i have a windows disc.

i dont want a quad, i'll be running:

-msn messenger
-music client / winamp
-download client
-MS Word
-Games such as Call of duty 4 in windowed
-Nod32 anti virus
-Poker client (with many 8-15 tables open).

all at the same time, not always, but this at the most. I have an amd 6400+ 2.2 gz for about the last 3-4 years now and I want an upgrade as my pc is getting really choppy and slow. But it runs most of these fine unless a game client is open.

any help appreciated.

  rubbed 00:26 09 Mar 2008


  rubbed 14:42 09 Mar 2008

anyone comment on those parts?

  Totally-braindead 16:23 09 Mar 2008

Unless its a full retail windows disk you will not be able to use it on a new PC as it will fail validation and that I think is what citadel was trying to say.

As regards your components I assume your old hard drive is IDE and if so then use it as a back up and get a SATA drive as they are slightly quicker.

Your bits. The processor I don't know about but I assume by the price it is not as fast a dual core as others and I think you'd be as well checking and comparing it to the others. For the same money you could get a AMD dual core 4800+ and I think it MIGHT be a faster processor. Perhaps someone will comment on that.
The boards ok for that processor, the memory would have to be checked to ensure it is 100% compatible as to the graphics card its debatable which is best of the two. Toms hardware reckons its as good as the 8800GTS so its probably the better card.

  keef66 12:48 11 Mar 2008

If you go for the 8800gt you might find you need a better power supply. What do you have at the moment?

Good mobo choice. I'd be tempted to go for a better core 2 duo cpu though.

It's twice the price, but an E8200 would be a better bet.

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