New Desktop and Broadband Question

  CASERA 20:59 03 Sep 2006


I currently have a Desktop at home and am looking to get another one for my son to play around with, internet access etc. Can anyone help:

1 - Anyone know of any good deals at the moment in the 400-500 quid range (ideally that would run Footy manager 2006 & broadband at a decend speed!)

2 - I have tiscali broadband (2.2Mbs)at the moment on my existing PC (using a dial up modem) what do I need to do to get broadband working on the new computer - will I have to pay another 14.99pm?? or can I run more than one computer off the broadband I already have?


  Ade_1 21:13 03 Sep 2006

Aries PCs are decent, take a look around their site, however I picked one out - click here its in your price range and its spec isnt bad.

You could also try Dell, they often have decent deals on.

There will be other people who will have other suggestions for computers... If I can think of, or come across anymore ill post back.

Regarding your second question, you dont need to pay another 14.99 a month, you just need to use a router.
By using a router you can use more than 1 computer on the same internet connection.

Although, it depends on what you currently have. If you could post what type of modem/router you have now, i.e. make and model it would be more helpful.


  ade.h 21:14 03 Sep 2006

1) PC Nextday for about £480.

2) An ADSL modem/router.

  CASERA 21:18 03 Sep 2006

Thanks Aiden

I have looked at Dell and have heard some good reviews from Evesham also so will have another look.

As far as the modem, I think it is a SAGEM [email protected] tm 800. The problem I have is that my existing computer is in my converted garage and the new computer would be in the living room so would not be easy to connect manually.

Thanks for your help

  Ade_1 21:18 03 Sep 2006

Ah PC Nextday, I forgot about them.

You could also check the PC World site, they often have some decent deals on.

  Ade_1 21:22 03 Sep 2006

You would probably be better of going for (as ade.h has said) an ADSL Modem/Router. If it will be difficult to connect them manually you may want to look at Wireless ADSL Modem Routers. They are more expensive but if you are unable to do it wired then wireless would be simplar for you.

  CASERA 21:29 03 Sep 2006


Would I have to change broadband provider at all as I have 12 months contract left to run with Tiscali??

  Ade_1 21:34 03 Sep 2006

No you wouldnt.


  ade.h 21:36 03 Sep 2006

You'll need to know what to buy so click here
and follow the links that I provided in that thread.

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