New Desktop ? Is Advent T9400 any good ?

  jimfff 01:31 14 Jun 2004

I am upgrading from my emachine 600 and want the best I can afford. Am attracted to the Advent 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 with 1 GB RAM and 400 Gb HD. I do mainly photographs and music. Surf Internet, and like the odd RPG.

I have never heard of Advent, my previous computers were Dell, EMachine, Fujitsu and Amiga.

Has anyone got anything to say about my choice of new PC? eg. reliability

  ste_bla 06:26 14 Jun 2004

well i dont know about advent however this machine seems a little extream for what you want prehaps a cheaper 2.8GHZ as the extra makes no real differance and 400GB for photos? Hmm its upto you i guess but you should go for a slightly lower spec in my humble opinion as it would be a lot better value for money.. how much is this machine?

  ste_bla 06:33 14 Jun 2004

extreme even, had a look on but cant seem to find that model?!

  mikef. 09:59 14 Jun 2004

Advents are PC Worlds own branding and are usually pretty decent machines, in fact I'm posting this from one. The only real let down with them, and it applies to the T9400 looking at the web site, is they tend to come with a dire keyboard and very basic speakers which means you would have to upgrade the speakers if you want it for music.

  jimfff 21:16 14 Jun 2004

The PC above is £1200 without the TFT monitor and £1599 with the monitor.

I think it is OTT too, I went to see it today. I wasnt impressed with the keyboard either.

There is so much to chose from and I dont know enough to know what is good and whats not.

I have seen a more modest machine in the HP M587 for £1130, but its OS is new to me. XP Media Centre.

Also I looked at the Advent 3419. This has a 3400+ AMD Athlon 64 processor for £1108.

Any advise on either of the above?

To cut costs I plan to get a 17" CRT which retail at £99.

  byfordr 22:35 14 Jun 2004

Whats your budget? For £1200 or £1600 you can pretty much have your choice of pcs.

Also IMHO not worth skimping on the monitor. If need be lop the processor down to a more modest 3ghz (you won't notice the difference) you will notice a bad monitor as you'll be staring at it all the time. TFT are pretty much the same price as CRTs these days if that your thing.


  andrew-216448 00:29 15 Jun 2004

why not try looking at this for £999: click here
or at this £1099:click here.
very nice puter. have all sorts of input and outputs you need. by the way PC made by MEDION.

  byfordr 10:25 15 Jun 2004

click here chuck a extra hard drive in, add some memory...or click on the mesh advert!

Includes a decent 19" crt.


  davidg_richmond 09:27 17 Jun 2004

Advent PCs are made by eMachines

  rickimalone 15:26 17 Jun 2004

The top Advent machines have been reviewed quite well, but things there using like PC 2700 RAM and below par graphics cards and med range motherboards compared to other machines in there price brackets is something to bear in mind.

Spending that kind of money at somewhere like Mesh or Evesham would get you a better spec machine using faster PC 3200 RAM and higher spec motherboards and components.

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