New definition of Unlimited

  interzone55 21:01 09 Feb 2009

Orange have launched the Blackberry Pearl on Pay As You Go. For £5 you get Unlimited access to Facebook, Myspace & Email.

Interestingly their definition of Unlimited differs somewhat from the definition understood by everyone except ISPs and Airtime providors.

This unlimited is subject to a Fair Usage Policy of a mere 50mb a month, yes 50 Megabytes a month.

That's like having an all you can eat buffet but only being allowed to fill your plate once...

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  Mr Mistoffelees 21:18 09 Feb 2009

From the T&Cs for the above offer:

"The Offer is subject to a fair usage policy of 50MB per month and is not to be used for other activities, such as non-Orange internet based streaming services, voice or video over the internet, peer to peer file sharing, and non-Orange internet based video. Should you exceed the fair use policy or if such use is detected, notice may be given and Network protection controls may be applied to all services which Orange does not believe constitutes mobile browsing. This may result in, at Orange’s discretion, your inability to purchase the Offer, a reduced speed of transmission, suspension of data browsing services and/or suspension of your account."

How can that be fairly described as unlimited?

More like an all-you-can-eat buffet where you can only have one spoonfull of food.

  Legolas 21:21 09 Feb 2009

I completely agree with you I don't know how they get away with including the word "unlimited" in their description, surely unlimited means unlimited. They should be made either to leave out the word unlimited or give unlimited access. In the present wording of these adverts it is totally misleading.

  Si_L 22:43 09 Feb 2009

A fair usage is commonplace with offers like these, but I have never seen such a tightly wound one as this! Its, in my opinion, boarding on the line of false advertising. Its unlimited, as long as you only use it this much and in this way is what they are basically saying.

Brings to mind a famous Henry Ford saying: ""Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black."

  Legolas 08:57 10 Feb 2009

According to Steven Fry on QI Henry Ford never said that and it is a popular urban myth, pity because it is such a good quote.

  interzone55 10:15 10 Feb 2009

Apparently the black paint dried quicker than other colours, so the production lines moved faster....

  User-1229748 17:21 10 Feb 2009

makes you wonder who it was that actually sat down and came up with the figure of 50mb and thought that was's almost beyond belief.

  martjc 21:23 10 Feb 2009 won't be seeing much of the internet!
Hey, I will not be using Orange services AT ALL!

  Forum Editor 22:49 10 Feb 2009

from Speakers Corner.

  DrATty 00:31 11 Feb 2009

Orange tried to sell me a phone that included 3Mb of e-mail per month. Yes, per month. 'Unlimited' wasn't mentioned but 'generous' was. The salesperson seemed genuinely surprised when I said I needed more than that daily and they couldn't help. Perhaps they really don't have a clue about data usage today; nor the meaning of unlimited in English.
Whatever, there are plenty of other phone providers, and I have a long memory.
Personally, I am baffled by phone contracts and gave up using mobile data a while ago. I spend just a few pounds on PAYG now and don't see that changing until a contract means what it says without any potentially expensive AUPs.

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