New Custom PC - Should I go with Cougar-Extreme?

  geocam 18:27 23 Aug 2011

Hi everyone,

Advice much appreciated as although I'm not new to computers, I am new to the pitfalls of ordering a custom pc online.

So: I need to get a new pc in the next month. After having a long look around, and deciding against many of the usual custom pc makers (eg. Mesh, Cyberpower, etc) on the basis of cost, flexibility, or bad reviews, I came across Cougar-Extreme, which seems to offer outstanding value. This is the rig I had in mind:

INTEL CORE I5 2500k; XIGMATEK SCORPION HDT-S1283 COOLER; 4GB Corsair Memory DDR3 1600 (2 x 2GB); 60Gb SSD sata 2.5; 1000GB SATA Hard Drive; ASUS P8P67 LE REV3, P67(B3) motherboard; ATI HD 6850 1024MB PCI Express graphics card; M59 Midi Tower Case; OCZ 600W PSU - STEALTH XTREAM 2 PSU; DVD+/- RW - 22X Samsung SATA; No Operating System.

This comes to about 740 quid, which is at the upper end of my budget (650-750), but which seems superb value for what I think is a really good system.

So I'd like to hear people's experiences of Cougar-Extreme. I've found a couple of really positive reviews, but would like to confirm these before I spend so much money. I emailed Cougar-Extreme yesterday to ask their advice about one or two aspects of the system, but they've yet to reply.

Any advice on the potential system would also be much appreciated (eg should I get a z68 motherboard?).

Thanks everyone.

  iscanut 21:30 24 Aug 2011

If they do not respond to your email or takes ages to get back to you, then hey do not deserve your custom, no matter how good the system seems. Have a look at Chillblast instead.

  birdface 21:41 24 Aug 2011

Novatech used to be well thought of in this Forum.

I will side with iscanut on this if they do not bother to get back to you in 2 days.

Try elsewhere.

  Flak999 22:50 24 Aug 2011

I was in the same position as you a while ago, I emailed them for a quote and also for some answers to a few questions but they did not get back to me. see this thread Cougar poor service

I went with wired2fire wired2fire in the end and have been happy with the product they supplied.

  geocam 23:58 24 Aug 2011

They actually got back to me already, offering a quote with an upgraded cooler and a better motherboard while cutting a good twenty quid off the price I had ended up with using the online configurator. I'm pretty impressed. I probably won't end up buying the pc for another month or so - no point until I've finished moving house - so I expect to have more contact with Cougar-Extreme discussing ways of tweaking the system before I buy. Will report back on my experiences.

In the meantime I'll check out Novatech, Chillblast, and wired2fire just in case - thanks for the suggestions!

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