New Computer needed, Please Help with Specs..

  russmini 18:33 18 Aug 2008

Ok, guys, as Title.

Think it's about time i looked at getting a New Computer. Things keep on Not Working etc...

The trouble is, i'm Broke at the moment, so it'll just be a Base/Tower/whatever else you want to call it.

The one i use at the moment is Old and Really Low on spec, so Anything would be Better to be Honest.

I Don't really do any major things on it, mainly Web Browsing and keeping my Pictures, Video etc on.

I Don't Download Music etc, but the usual things like Youtube are a daily visit.

Also, because of other, now More prominent Hobbies, i've really lost touch on whats what in Computer World, so...

Intel, AMD... Dual Core... Think you can see/Guess where i'm coming from...

Thanks in Advance to all.


  GaT7 18:57 18 Aug 2008

Would you consider building your own?

Are you going to be playing PC games? If yes, which ones?

Do you need a monitor (TFT LCD? What size?), keyboard+mouse or other peripherals?

Do you have to store plenty of music, pics & videos?

Do you have any experience with Windows Vista? Does WinXP do all you want it to do? People either like or dislike Vista for many reasons.

Do you have a budget, & if yes how much?

You can get a basic readymade PC for £170-180 (or less in some places) - e.g. a Dell Vostro 200 click here. All you need is a monitor. May be a bit short on hard disk space, but these days you can pick up a 500Gb internal one for ~£40 & external for ~£50.

Just over £500 will get you something substantially better with a quality 22" monitor & 500Gb hard drive included click here. G

  wjrt 18:58 18 Aug 2008
  russmini 19:09 18 Aug 2008

No Accesories need.

Monitor, Keyboarb, Mouse, Speakers etc all Good.

I would have thought 250Gb would be Ample... Would go More though if the deal etc was right.

No experiance of Vista.

XP... Yeh does what i want it to do...

PC Games, No. Thats what Consoles are for... But i don't use those either...

Budget... Not sure, Can't spend too much though...

Thanks again...

  GaT7 19:28 18 Aug 2008

I'd suggest this Dell Vostro 200 click here for £322. It has WinXP installed with Vista media supplied should you want to make the upgrade at some point.

Changes to default spec are marked with a •

- Intel® Core™2 Duo E4600 Processor
• Vista® Business with XP Pro installed & Vista Media [only ~£10 more]
- 3072MB 667MHz (2x1024 + 2x512) Memory
- 128MB ATI® Radeon™ HD 2400 Pro graphics card
• 500GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive [only ~£5 more]
- 16x DVD +/- RW Drive
- Integrated 7.1 High Definition Audio
- Microsoft® Works 9.0
- Keyboard & mouse
- Standard Warranty - 1Yr Basic Warranty

Get 5% cashback if you go via click here.

If you can find the above spec/similar elsewhere for the same money, then go for that. G

  russmini 19:42 18 Aug 2008


That looks and Sounds good mate, thanks for that.

Anymore Offers ???

Oh and i Like Dell, after i Bought a X50V off them a couple of years ago, Upgraded it to X51V spec etc, was a Really Good bit of kit.

  GaT7 19:58 18 Aug 2008

Another option, & the cheapest, is to repair the old PC. What's its spec like? Can you post a list? Probably just needs a fresh OS reinstall & some RAM to make it error-free & get it up to speed.

Also check out eBay, as they have plenty of secondhand/refurb PCs for a relative bargain - a related search for desktop PCs in the £50-200 range (sorted by Price: lowest first) click here (you can change parameters to suit your needs/budget). Be aware that some may not have an OS. G

  russmini 20:02 18 Aug 2008


Trust me, that is Not an Option...

It's about 5 Years Old and was 2nd hand then.

I've just tried to use it till it's Last Legs, and i think i'm basically there.

  GaT7 20:15 18 Aug 2008

Just read your post again - you're broke! That's why I suggested the 'repair' & eBay.

Well, I'm using a 3-year old PC that was made with various secondhand/refurb components off eBay, most of which were bought separately. It runs like a dream (I do maintain it well though).

Come on, let's see what you have. You're going to kind of do it up before selling/giving it away, aren't you?

I spotted some really good ones on eBay for pick-up only. While logged-in to eBay, click on the search link I gave you, & choose 'Sort by: Distance: nearest first'. G

  GaT7 20:34 18 Aug 2008

Realised you don't have to limit the search, so here's all the eBay desktops on offer click here - just sort it by 'distance nearest' - you may have to be logged-in or specify your post code in the pop-up. G

  Joe R 20:48 18 Aug 2008


maybe another option.!

click here

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