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  Demora 20:46 07 Mar 2003

Has anyone purchased a computer from Campus systems??????

My husband ordered a PC from them on the 19th January via there internet site and paid by credit card £628 And so far we have had a confirmation email of the order (automatic) and a note through the post. I have phoned them up on various occassions and have been told it will be sent out on Friday and I should get it the following Monday. This has happened last week and this. also I had been given 2 previous delivery days.

I have called them on various occassions and have been left on hold, cut off And told they would call me back.

Now the day before my Other half bought this computer we saw in PC world a compaq system similar spec etc and same kind of price. We live 15 minutes walk from them and could have brought it home in the car. Just what is wrong with a company that they have to take so long and mess people around.

Any comments please.


  Djohn 22:13 07 Mar 2003

What is their web address?

  mdack1 22:26 07 Mar 2003

Just bought a PC for my 10 year old lad from Watford Electronics. After I had paid, I printed the receipt. I said ' you goods will be delivered within 14 days. it took 6 weeks of phone calls to get it. When it arrived, the DVD drive would not open. Two day on the phone and they collected the drive, ( asked me to take it out.) Three weeks later it has not been replaced!
So dont buy a PC from SavaPoint, ie. Watford Electronics.

  Demora 23:01 07 Mar 2003

Campus Systems web address is click here.

I have ordered from Dabs. Amazon Blackstar cdStreet (in USA) and other companies. Sterling as well and All have been really good.

I've nevr heard of anything good from Watford for a long time.


  TOPCAT® 01:13 08 Mar 2003

8. Goods are subject to availability. Delivery dates are quoted in good faith, although the delay in the delivery of goods is sometimes out of our control. In the event that delivery cannot be made within 30 days, a Campus representative will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements. You have the right to withdraw from the contract at this stage.

click here

  Demora 07:45 08 Mar 2003

Yes But its over 30 days and NO ONE contacted us and we have had to do the calling. My husband is in another country at the moment So all I can do it chase it up


  Bacon & Eggs 08:09 08 Mar 2003

What would your husband do other than chase it up? Give them hell yourself, phone them up and refuse to talk to anyone but the manager. You'd be amazed how much more a woman getting either mad or upset can get out of someone with responsibility...

Begs the question however - if the specs really were that close between the one you ordered and the one in the shop, why didn't you just buy the shop one?

  Demora 10:01 08 Mar 2003

Re spec. It was after 5pm on Sunday...... DH was off to foreign parts and I don't drive. So he thought the kids would leave my computer alone if he ordered one. Hah. I use mine for graphics and photo editing stuff so need to keep kids well away.

Yes I'll try the woman scorned bit on Monday. GGG

I'll let you know what happens


  -pops- 10:57 08 Mar 2003

Keep your credit card company well informed as to what is going on. They can have a lot of influence over erring suppliers and if the worst comes, you can get your money back from them.


  Demora 11:10 08 Mar 2003

I've informed my Husband and he will have to deal with that....its his card. So just what do 0870 numbers cost from Europe..

BTW I bought my PC from the local computer shop ordered on a Thursday In My possession Tuesday and Built to my spec, OK its no name but I can go to Ian whenever I want even for coffee. Most problems were sorted out over the phone and hey I know where he lives. So he has a reputation to keep. His business is thriving and my pc is now 2.5 years old. (need upgrade)

Just a slight diversion I bought a Toshiba Notebook in the USA and have a worldwide gaurentee with this. Also I have warranty from the company I bought it from and Toshiba UK have been wonderful.


Having had various problems ordering over the web, i bought my present one locally. Ordered on a Friday, built, delivered and set up on the following tuesday with no regrets.

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