The new computer

  steve263000 13:13 11 Jul 2007

I have been thinking lately of buying a new computer. I have a desktop at present, but at three years old it now needs changing.

I would like some advice on what to buy. My needs are as follows. Definitely no gaming at all ever. I will be using it for some heavy web browsing, the usual emailing, and such and I will put in my web design package.

My main interest though is photography and I use photo packages a lot and upload photos that I take by the hundred. So I will need something to use that on that has plenty of power. I do not do much with videos though.

I have a separate 360 GB hard drive so will have plenty of space. I have been thinking of a laptop but am wide open to choice as long as it is reliable.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received. I will not be buying for a while yet, so there is plenty of time.

  steve263000 13:15 11 Jul 2007

I forgot to say that I have a upper limit of about £1000, but would obviously like to save a bit on that!

  robbiepaul79 14:25 11 Jul 2007

Why may i ask does the old one need changing what system do you have at the moment upgrading for games is one thing yet you arent interested in that.

  wee eddie 14:43 11 Jul 2007

A 3 year old PC should be more than adequate for what you say you are doing.

Why not get yourself a little extra RAM and a nifty 22" Screen and then you could go Dual Screen if your card will let you.

  steve263000 16:19 12 Jul 2007

Well yes this is a good computer, and I have put more ram in, but I want to give this to my son so we can have one each. I am fed up with having to wait while he says, 'just a minute I won't be long'. And quietly I quite like the look of Vista but I will not upgrade and would rather buy a new one.

  robbiepaul79 16:56 12 Jul 2007

ok whats the budget

  Joe R 17:12 12 Jul 2007

click here,

No better place to start.

  steve263000 06:18 13 Jul 2007

Thanks Joe R that looks like a very good system. I will definitely keep that in mind. Any more ideas out there?

  Whiskey487 08:19 13 Jul 2007

You could try PC Nextday (click here). I've ordered their 4-5404 which is £650 plus delivery. I would post a link, but don't know how too. I have read some poor reviews but have also read some good ones too.

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