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  flycatcher1 18:59 16 Apr 2007

Needing a new computer for general use plus FSX Flt.Sim. and being a bit flush my local shop offers to build one for £1000.

Intel Core Duo E6600
Gigabyte S-Series 965P Ds3-P Socket 775
XFX NVIDIA Ge Force 8800GTS 32
Sound Blaster SE 7.1
DVD+-RW Drive
Vista Ultimate

No Monitor, speakers keyboard or mouse reuired.

Comments would be appreciated, thanks.

  flycatcher1 19:03 16 Apr 2007

Sorry missed out:
250GB Hard disc and 2GB Ram.

  citadel 19:06 16 Apr 2007

have you allowed for ram in the budget, 2g for vista otherwise it will constantly use the swop file during games.

  citadel 19:08 16 Apr 2007

don't forget a quality psu and you have a great system.

  flycatcher1 18:27 18 Apr 2007

Thanks for the comment citadel.
I had hoped for more responses especially as I am not 100% sure about Vista. I know that I need it for Direct10 but.........

  Pine Man 18:26 20 Apr 2007

You might have a problem with the sound card and Vista if you want surround sound. Very few Creative sound cards work properly with Vista if you check the Creative Forum it's like a warzone!!

  DrScott 00:49 22 Apr 2007

though I would have thought you could get a better sound card e.g. creative xifi.

Also if you're not a big gamer I wouldn't buy an 8800 just yet, but go one for one of the much cheaper DirectX 9.0 cards like the 1950XT click here

The main reason is that there are no DirectX 10 games out yet and the next few months will see ATI release a new DirectX 10 card. This will most likely hit the premium prices of the 8800 series. It also depends on your monitor settings. If you're running a 17" flat screen you really will not need an 8800 for good frame rates.

As for Vista, I think it's very difficult to decide what to do. Personally I'm sitting on the fence waiting for driver issues to be sorted out. But if it's a new PC your getting, it'd probably be a bit silly to get it with XP currently, but that does depend on what current peripherals you have that you want to work with it.

That's just some initial thoughts! :)

  flycatcher1 18:58 22 Apr 2007

Thank you all very your helpful and informed comments. I now relise that the Graphics Card world is full of pitfalls.
I feel that my problem relates to Vista. Should I go for the latest product or stay with the tried and trusted one. FSX will be my only game and it is reputed to be at its best with Vista and Direct 10 but is the improvement worth the hassle and the loss of my scanner and one of my printers. I would stay with my over 4 year old Evesham but getting it to start is something of a trial and I am told that the problem lies in the Motherboard

I think that I must go into the hold and see how things progress. I cannot wait too long 'cos I am far too close to 80 for my liking !

We recently purchased a laptop - for my wife in theory - and I hedged my bets by having Media Centre with a Vista upgrade. Now I have to decide whether to upgrade or stay happy.
Once again thank you for your helpful comments.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:32 22 Apr 2007

the pc is well spec'd but seems expensive (maybe it's the Vista?) - the graphics card is a good match for the rest of the system, and the price difference between the 8800 gts 320 and the 1950XT is not great, but it's a much more powerful card, dx10 or not. I would try to get an sli spec motherboard using the nvidia 650i chipset which means you can add another card when funds allow. You can wait, but there will always be something better or cheaper just around the corner...

  DrScott 21:31 22 Apr 2007

8800 GTS £189 from scan - not including delivery. Review click here

1950XT £130 from ebuyer. A review of a similar card click here

Number of DirectX 10 games = 0. The GTS is also slower than the 8800 in some games rather suprisingly. However, it has become much cheaper in the last month or so having been priced at over £300 in February. This usually means an even meatier card is coming our way...

  flycatcher1 21:45 27 Apr 2007

Just an update - I have ordered the computer with two 250Gb Hard Discs and XP Home. Still thinking about Vista and may well change my mind !
Thanks for all help and comments.

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