New case recommendations.

  bremner 16:14 02 Jul 2006

I have the case of a Mesh Tower computer from circa 2001 in which the floppy disk drive is the only item not upgraded.

I have added an extra fan but I am finding in the hot weather that the CPU temperature is rising to worrying levels. The Tower sits on the floor. I have hoovered out the case and fans but still the temperature rises.

I therefore want to upgraded the case. I am not interested in water cooling and have a fairly decent fan on the CPU.

Has anyone any recommendations for a case that will give good cooling and is reasonably quiet. I have looked at Lian Li but at £130 that is double my budget of about £70. I do not need a PSU just a bare bones mid Tower.


  SLAYER 17:15 02 Jul 2006

have a look here

  RobCharles1981 17:40 02 Jul 2006
  ade.h 21:27 02 Jul 2006

Anything by Chieftec from Overclock (not Overclockers). Very big, no PSU (so that you can use a decent one without paying twice), well made, good air direction.

  bjh 11:41 04 Jul 2006

I'm sure you've checked, and I'm sorry if what I say is irritatingly simple, but have you tried to improve the airflow in the current case?
Ebuyer sell a 120mm fan for about 80p. It's reasonably quiet, but can be made effectively silent by rewiring the molex connector so it uses 5 volts. Now, that shifts a LOT of air still - far more than an 80mm fan at full blast.
Ensure that any fan at the lower front edge of the case is pushing air in, and have the biggie at the back sucking it out.

There also needs to be good entry for air. Some cases get crapped up at the front - dog/cat hair, etc.

Anyway, with my big fan unplugged, my Evesham runs at CPU 46 and case 38 at today's hot temperatures.
With the big fan on, that's down to 34 and 28 respectively. The whole machine runs MUCH quieter, despite the big fan; because it does such a good job of cooling, other fans barely run.

Basically, try an 84p fan (plus postage, of course)as a cheap "first attempt". (maybe order one of their 92mm as well, & see which fits your case best).


  bremner 17:31 04 Jul 2006

Thanks for all the responses I will look through the links.

Sensible suggestions are never "irritatingly simple" - but I have tried all the things you have mentioned. the fans are large and I have hoovered them till they shine.

It is a mixture of the exceesive temperatures here in London and an old case design.

  ade.h 18:55 04 Jul 2006

My recommendation would more than meet your budget (change to spare) and is very large with excellent airflow.

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