New Car Part problem

  wee eddie 13:51 28 Sep 2010

I have a new Peugeot, less than 90 days old, and one of the headlight bulbs has blown.

The Garage say that this is not covered by the Warranty or SoG Act. What is our opinion and does anyone "know" the answer.

If the Screen of my laptop went in less than 90 days, I'd expect some form of reparation or replacement, at the very least.

  Pine Man 15:01 28 Sep 2010

The last few cars that I have had have had a three year warranty and I certainly wouldn't have expected light bulbs to have been covered for that period.

My view, and it's only my view, is that if the bulb was working when you got the car that's the end of the manufacturers liability unless the next bulb you fitted blew fairly soon and possibly indicated some other fault.

  onthelimit 15:15 28 Sep 2010

I'm sure the garage is correct, legally. However, I would have thought any decent garage wouldn't hesitate to change it free of charge as a goodwill gesture.

  wee eddie 15:48 28 Sep 2010

How long would you expect a Headlight Bulb to last?

  wee eddie 15:57 28 Sep 2010

If you buy a new one ~ How long should it last?

I was about to say that I'm incandescent!

If a new Tyre became bald after 3,000 miles, of normal driving, when you expected it to last 10,000 to 13,000 miles, would you roll over and put it down to experience, or would you return to the Fitter and complain?

  birdface 15:59 28 Sep 2010

I will agree with onthelimit If you bought it from that garage as a goodwill gesture they should have replaced it although under no obligation to do so.
I would imagine that most garages would have changed it without cost.
When the time comes and if you have to pay to get the car serviced take it to another garage.
Thats the next problem you take it into the garage for a service then get the Bill.
they charge you for an hours labour when it only takes them 30 minutes to do it.
When you argue with them they tell you its a set charge for the procedure.
I used to sit and wait for the service or repair to be done and thats why I know.
Most folk leave it and go back later so do not know any difference.
Just thinking I have had my van for almost 7 years and cannot remember changing any of my headlight bulbs in that time.

  onthelimit 16:06 28 Sep 2010

But how would the garage know? I believe consumables such as tyres, clutch and brake pads are not covered under normal warranty as the garage has no control over how the car is driven.

  HondaMan 16:09 28 Sep 2010

Normally, and whenever I've had a bulb blow, the garage days they are covered up to the first service.

Some ordinary bulbs can cost over £200 to replace!

  wee eddie 16:19 28 Sep 2010

200 to 300 hours.

So that's about 6p an hour. Not an insignificant expense when running a car, but very little compared to the cost of fuel.

  birdface 17:56 28 Sep 2010

Ozram have just responded

200 to 300 hours.

Unless you drive a lot at nights and dark nights are just coming in so it would take you quite a while to have used 200-300 hours.
Unless of course the lights stay on in the daylight as well.

  jack 18:04 28 Sep 2010

In general that small 'consumer' items such as bulbs
are excluded from warranty provisions.
Even tyres can be excluded unless a manufacturing/ fitting fault can be proven.
At a dealer I worked for a customer having taken his new car off site barely an hour returned and complained of a flat tyre.
Examination revealed a nice big screw right close to the edge.
That cannot be claimed on warranty and he had to pay for a replacement0 after much fuss.

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