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  laurie53 09:12 13 Apr 2008

I'm about to order a new car.

The last one I ordered resulted in a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading, and the manufacturer being told to withdraw an unfair condition in the guarantee.

The one before that gave rise to a complaint to Trading Standards and the withdrawal of a misleading web advert, and the one before that to the Advertising Standards Authority and the withdrawal of a TV advert.

Am I expecting too much thinking that car manufacturers could be a bit more honest in their dealings with us?

  Al94 10:37 13 Apr 2008

Do you need the stress of another new car!!!

  tullie 11:16 13 Apr 2008

Glad im not a car dealer

  spuds 11:43 13 Apr 2008

Perhaps the introduction of the American 'lemon law' may solve the problem for us British guys ;o)

I'm still waiting for my neighbours car, to change into a ice skating robot, just like on the tv. But as yet, no joy.

  Colin 12:19 13 Apr 2008

Hi, laurie53.

Can you provide more information about the problems you had with the previous 3 cars?

  belfman 12:23 13 Apr 2008

One sales guy in a phone shop referred to me as the customer from hell, jokingly I might add, you seem to be the equivalent to the Car Industry.

  Stuartli 13:13 13 Apr 2008

Why buy a new car in any case?

It's value drops dramatically the minute it leaves the showroom, yet you can buy its three to six months old equivalent for very much less.

Most private car buyers share my view, held over many years - private car sales are now about a sixth of what they were a year or so ago and they weren't all that high then.

Fleet and lease car buyers pay around 40 per cent less of the price you pay for new vehicles (and form around 70 per cent of the buying market), make their money, and then sell them as "nearly new" for around the same or a little more as they bought them new.

  jack 14:02 13 Apr 2008

My current car purchased at 14 month old 5000 miles from the manufacturer's fleet
Half list price why pay more?
Rental Companies keep their vehicles on a leasing arrangement for 6 month/10,000 miles and then send them back.
But I guess someone to buy a new car sometime
else there would be no secondhand ones-especially amongst the more esoteric models that don't as a rule go to fleets -Porche or Bugatti any one?

  Diemmess 15:23 13 Apr 2008

An Audi A3 2.0 DTI Sportback (posh name for hatchback) almost 3 years ago.

Preferred to The VW Golf because of looks and nicer interior trim.
Also influenced by Vorshprung Durch ads. etc.

My wife hates it! She says it is too wide and I have to agree that rearward visibility is awful.

Like a lover betrayed, I have had to come back to the real world from the fantasy of my "autumn years"

With 10 weeks to go (mercifully) to the end of the warranty, the dual mass flywheel failed. It was replaced together with a ruined clutch and its slave cylinder to boot.

OK, my only loss was a day with the car, and I believe to have had that work done by the nearest Audi agent would have cost around £1000.

It is the loss of faith in the marque that hurts, and the fear we all have at times -What next?

I emailed "Honest John" in the Saturday motor section of a broadsheet paper and quote his reply.--

"I think the automobile industry is being forced to admit that its flirtation with the miracle vibration cure of dual mass flywheels is
now coming to a disastrous end."

  jack 17:11 13 Apr 2008

Wednesday last a 'Petrol Head' in an Audi sports[was it one of the above?] pulled along side me whilst at the traffic lights- He was in the Right turn lane - but I knew[sensed] what he wanted to do- and off he went roaring down the hill to the next set of lights
I pulled up behind him and noticed large volumes of vapour coming from his offside rear wheel - and a very bad pong.
As this set of lights has a right turn filter - I had time to get out and point it out to him an apparent brake bind - or worse.
'Oh' he said 'I wondering what the noise was!'
So as the lights changed I in my diminutive Rover 25 left him to pull over and and have a head scratch - Hm Durch Spring what was it?

  ulrich 20:30 13 Apr 2008

Why on earth buy a new car which will lose goodness knows what the minute it is registered.
An utter waste of money for a bit of prestige.

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