New canon eos5d

  Newuser2459 11:00 20 Sep 2007

I am thinking of buying a new Canon EOS 5D but have heard rumours that a new model is about to be released soon, does any body know where I can verify that rumour, as it is an expensive camera and I do not want to buy an old model.
Thanks in anticipation

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:15 20 Sep 2007

If you need the camera, buy it. If you don't wait. There will always be something better and more expensive if you wait though. However there have been rumours since April about a replacement. Whatever camera you buy there will always be a replacement on the horizon. If Canon do replace it with the EOS6 or whatever, I can guarantee that the changes will make no difference to your photography. It is the person holding the camera that makes the picture not any addition that you will probably never need or use. Personally I wouldn't faff about and would get it now and start using it.


  Forum Editor 11:33 20 Sep 2007

have been taken on cameras that were older than the photographer.

  Newuser2459 11:44 20 Sep 2007

Not really the answer i wanted

  cycoze 12:09 20 Sep 2007

The only people who can verify that rumour is Canon, at the beginning of the year many thought that a replacement would be announced and it did not happen, we have seen the new 1D MKIII, 1Ds MKIII and 40D introduced already.

The 5D is a great camera, i think you need to look at what possible benefits that might come with a newer model and weigh things up to see if it is worth waiting, as already said i personally do not think waiting is worth it, but then you will be making the decision to buy not anyone else.

What is a replacement likely to have? sensor cleaning, people have managed for years without it but having said that it is a great feature, larger lcd viewing screen (least exciting thing i can think of), digic III processor replacement over digic II giving more FPS, more MP, and possibly a live preview feature.

All of the above has been added to the new 40D (PCA seem to have missed this model in recent releases), having just bought one i can honestly say i am not interested in the live preview though it may be useful for macro work, as i said above the sensor cleaning is a great feature but only time will tell for me if it works well or not, i generally only use the viewing screen for the menu so it really is not a plus point for myself, more fps is a plus.

I wanted a second camera and was going to buy another 30D but as the price was much the same so i went for the newer model, had the newer model cost more i would have been happy to save my money and get another 30D.

  HondaMan 13:03 20 Sep 2007
  Forum Editor 13:39 20 Sep 2007

and frankly I can't see myself needing much more in the forseeable future - there has to be an awful lot of justification for paying around £1400 for a camera unless you use it for a living.

People have talked of a replacement for the 5D for at least 18 months, and all kinds of precictions have been made - none of which have proved to have an substance to them.

In your shoes I would go for the 5D if that's what you want; as the others have said, a replacement is hardly going to have any heart-stopping new features.

  hssutton 13:50 20 Sep 2007

It's anyone's guess, but unless you think such as Live View is desirable or more focus points then why bother waiting.

For the latest rumours/guesses have a look here click here

  Newuser2459 14:16 20 Sep 2007

Thanks everybody for your comments, especially HondaMan and hssutton, valid comments and answers for my original posting, without questioning my fhotographic ability or enlightening my history of Photography.
Yes I do use a camera professionally and need a full sensor for wide angle lens use, hense the EOS 5D.

  cycoze 14:38 20 Sep 2007

Your original question was "does any body know where I can verify that rumour" just checked the links given to look for where the announcement was that it was no longer a rumour and had been verified, i cannot see anything, can some kind soul point it out to me please? i would genuinely like to see the new specs.

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