New board, cpu & RAM

  donki 14:11 06 Nov 2009

Hi folks,

Ok upgrading for Xmas from my loyal 4200 dual core, I have spent the last month or so looking about and I think I have got my bundle together. However I know some of you are alot more in the know than I am so please tell me if there is a better alternitive,

MB - MSI 770-C45 AMD 770 AM3 DDR3 Support 8 channel Blu-ray Audio GB LAN

click here

CPU - AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 3.1GHz 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3

click here

RAM - Corsair 2GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Module Unbuffered x 2

click here

Computer is mainly for gaming, internet and alot of photo editing. Would this set up be seen as abouve entry level, how much of an increase in performance will i see? Total I was looking to spend was £200.

GFX card is a 8800GTS 640mb (still a solid enough standard I think).

Cheers for advice

  erkmatrix 16:47 06 Nov 2009

I'd go for different memory
G.Skill/A-DATA 4GB 1,600MHz Cl9 DDR3
click here

but nice choice for your prosessor and motherboard, good for the price.

If you'd stretch a little more I'd maybe go for the
Intel Core i5 750
click here

Happy upgrading anyhows

  donki 18:21 06 Nov 2009

Cheers mate, I wont be ordering till end of the month so il see if I can stretch it. Im intrested in this processor because apparently it can be unlocked to a quad core beast. I think I seen ur thread, how did ur upgrade go?

  GaT7 18:47 06 Nov 2009

Nice RAM ('Ripjaw') suggestion from junipaire, but the present RAM prices can just about rip your heart out too!

If you're a gamer, you'll probably find a better increase in performance for the money by upgrading the graphics card alone.

click here is a comparison between a 8800GT 512Mb & 8800GTS 640Mb, which suggests that a 8800GT >> 8800GTS. Then click here compares the 8800GT & HD4890, which suggests that a 4890 >> 8800GT. A 4890 sells for ~£140 click here. Make sure your PSU is capable enough though - needs one with at least 2x dedicated 6pin PCI-E connectors. G

  erkmatrix 07:54 07 Nov 2009

I agree with crossbow the 4890 gets some real good reviews and is a great for gaming.

My upgrading hasn't gone ahead yet now buying a whole new PC as kinda got hooked into getting a PC to make photoshop run faster and there was so many components I wanted to upgrade I figured I might as well sell my current machine and buy a new one for xmas. I was thinking about building my own but when I worked out a price it came to not much less than a quote I had so think I might as well get a warranty and have an expert do it.

thing with computers is theres always new stuff coming out it gets annoying thinking do I need this now, but I must admit can be good doing research on stuff.

  donki 13:00 07 Nov 2009

Thanks guys, I do intend to get a new GFX card too but I am playing Football Manager 2010 at the mo which is CPU hungry and I have Win 7 which i intend to switch to permenantly (running dual atm).

The whole tech moving on thing I have learnt to live with. To be honest I have had my 4200 for nearly 4 years and it has served me well, can still handle everything I want just want the extra power.

  GaT7 13:17 07 Nov 2009

Yes, I guess you don't need anything better if it's just for FM2010. G

  donki 10:18 13 Nov 2009

Just got all my components and installed all in about an hour, Win 7 64bit up and running nice and smooth, such an improvment over my old 4200.

Final Spec was:
CPU - AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 3.1GHz 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3

MB - MSI 770-C45 AMD 770 AM3 DDR3 Support 8 channel Blu-ray Audio GB LAN

RAM - Corsair 2GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory Module Unbuffered x 2

OS - Win 7 OEM 64Bit

Found the ram in a local shop for £85!!! So the toal of the hardware came to £208.39, not a bad price considering i sold my old bundle on Ebay for £105. My Win 7 rating is 6.5, my HD pulls it down unfortunately. Best upgrade yet!!

  GaT7 10:58 13 Nov 2009

Looks good :-), thanks for letting us know.

£85 for 2Gb RAM is very expensive, even if it's DDR3. One could buy 6Gb for ~£60 not so long ago click here. And 8Gb of quality DDR2 RAM for £60-65 - that costs nearer £150 now! G

  donki 12:01 13 Nov 2009

It is 4 GB, i added a little x2 at the end :). So £85 for 4GB of DDR3 is good isn't it?

On a different note do you know anything about system/cpu temp? I downloaded MSI overclocker program and the alarm constantly goes off when I open it, my cpu hits 60 degrees under gaming load but idles around 35-40. Is this normal? I have to small back case fans, large front and stock fan.

  GaT7 14:10 13 Nov 2009

Yes, that's about right for the CPU temps. You'll need a better HSF cooler if you're going to do any overclocking - otherwise you could overheat & kill the chip. When you overclock, it's best to do so in tiny increments & preferably by changing settings in the BIOS rather than using software tools like the MSI one.

And yes, £85 for 4Gb is much better, but still very expensive - comparing prices from not so long ago anyway! G

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