New base unit for heavy graphics work

  jonboyh 00:32 03 Jun 2006

Need some advice folks - unsure who would be best for this type of PC, want it for heavy photoshop and graphics work, want to spend around £750. Dont fancy Mesh - and certainly not Time! Thoughts welcome, needs lots of memory, to be very fast, and obviously reliable. Thanks!

  €dstowe 05:55 03 Jun 2006

Find a local builder and discuss your needs face to face. It needn't be over expensive doing this and you will have a machine built to what you want rather than an off-the-shelf item of what someone thinks you want.

Don't go for the latest or fastest this or that.

Do go for the second (or less) fastest CPU etc. - the one that has just been superseded by something faster - you will find that is much cheaper. Super speed is not what is required for your end uses - plenty of space is.

For preference have two hard drives - one for O/S and programs the other for files.

Always ensure you have a backup of your work.

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