New Aldi Specials from 25th Nov

  Zurdo 14:58 20 Nov 2004

Check out the new specials - a new Medion for £699.99 etc. See here click here

  SEASHANTY 16:06 21 Nov 2004

Excellent specification and probably the best feature is the three year guarantee but I will not be purchasing another PC for a few years. Good buy for those considering a new machine.

  Bellboy 16:12 21 Nov 2004

Tried to figure out what is included in the cable set advertised on the same flyer. Includes - Scart plug with in/out switch and various plugs to connect to computer.
Would this allow you to download a VHS tape to your HD, then burn to DVD? and , if so, what software would be required?

  SEASHANTY 21:44 21 Nov 2004

Yes indeed it would allow the connections but you need a video capture card in your PC to transfer VHS input to files on the hard drive. You need MPEG2 files on the PC to then burn to DVD. Its a lot easier transferring VHS tapes to DVDR discs if you use a home DVD recorder such as the Panasonic DMR-E55. These home recorders take a scart input from your VCR and will burn to a DVD in real time.
i.e. a two hour VHS tape takes 2 hours to transfer to DVD. It takes longer to do this on a PC.
click here
The Panasonic E55 can be obtained for less than Panasonic are selling it
click here

  Bellboy 09:54 22 Nov 2004

>a two hour VHS tape takes 2 hours to transfer to DVD<
Some compression would be necessary(???) as a standard DVD-R would not accept 2 hours.
I could probably figure that part out, but was trying to avoid fitting a video capture card.

  SEASHANTY 14:33 22 Nov 2004

The domestic DVD recorders have four or five speed settings allowing you to record up to 1, 2,4, (either 6 or 8) hours on a standard 4.7GB DVDR disc.
Some also have the "flexible" recording mode allowing you to set the time you required for best quality on the disc. The compression is achieved by using a variable bit rate for burning at the selected speeds XP being the 1 hour speed and top quality video up through, SP (2 hours) LP (4 hours)
and EP (either 6 or 8 hours). The Panasonic I have states that on extended play using the 6 hour setting will give better audio reproduction than using the 8 hour setting. It doesn't really affect me because I invariably use the LP speed for transferring VHS to DVD-R which gives OK quality for VHS. If I want better quality I use the SP speed. I have never yet used XP. I also use the LP speed for TV recordings to DVD-RAM discs which can be deleted and re-used up to 100,000 times. The quality of DVD-RAM is superb. Its like having a four hour VHS tape which never wears out and keeps the same quality. So whatever mode you set the disc to, the transfer of VHS tape to DVD always takes the same time to burn to disc.

  Bellboy 15:57 22 Nov 2004

A VHS recorder / DVD recorder would do the trick,
but I can only burn blanks on the PC.
I can half imagine that I could compress contents of a VHS tape, using Nero 6, but have no capture card. I hoped that the scart plug would fit to Video recorder and cables allow connection to PC.
But I am probably kidding myself to think that I could do this on the cheap.

  SEASHANTY 10:53 23 Nov 2004

DVworkshop click here

  SEASHANTY 11:02 23 Nov 2004

This page is obtained via clicking on the "LINKS" red tab at the left hand side of the page in the above Tinyurl I gave you click here

  Bellboy 20:31 24 Nov 2004


I have bookmarked these sites.

Thanks for your advice

  tripletricks 21:13 24 Nov 2004

Anyone see anything bad about this medion system.If I can get to one in time tomorrow I will likely buy it. However for the same money is there anything else I should go for?
I guess they are made in Germany seeing all the web pages i find for medion are german.
Anyone got one of the medion 17" LCD monitors showing at £199?

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