new aldi pc

  Ticketyboo 07:30 24 Jul 2007

Has anybody had a look at the pc available from 02.08.07 yet?

  Stuartli 08:47 24 Jul 2007

It's been trailered, but without any specification details, so it would be difficult to form any opinion..:-)

There's also a notebook.

  Dipso 14:30 24 Jul 2007

A summary of the spec -

Intel Core 2 Duo Proc E4300 Dual Core Technology 1.8GHz 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB
Windows Vista Home Premium
320GB Hard drive
2 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS
DVB-T and Analogue TV
Multi format CD/DVD burner
3 year return to base warranty


  Totally-braindead 14:42 24 Jul 2007

It annoys me that these ALDI and LIDL PCs come with a graphics card that no one has heard of and subsequently its differcult - in the case of games - to know how good it is.

How does a 8400GS stack up against a 8600GS for example?

They're good value don't get me wrong but every PC they have sold in the past couple of years seems to come with an odd numbered graphics card and therefore I have little idea of how good it is.

  Quiet Life 15:39 24 Jul 2007

As far as Lidl goes motherboards ,CPUs and graphics cards are all made to their specification and offer reduced performance compared with the items on which they are based. The giveaway is "Targa Edition" in describing the item. The BIOS is also non standard and tweaks that can be done on the normal bios are excluded. Basically most people do not get what they think they are buying. Everything is cut down and this is reflected in the price. I bought a Targa some 18 months ago which was badly specified had no case fan and overheated badly. Targa failed to put it right and in the end I claimed a refund from Lidl, who are the sole seller of Targa PCs, and had no problem in obtaining a refund.
These computers are sold all over Europe in very large numbers and with all the extras offer good value to some buyers who are well satisfied.
Some times the processor is not listed on the makers site as it is probably one that has failed the test at a certain level but is fine at the level at which it is sold.

  Stuartli 17:33 24 Jul 2007

Medion is not actually a manufacturer, but a distributor.

It sells products under its own name and Tevion manufactured by companies who specialise in OEM deals.

It's nothing unusual - many, many computer products are rebadged offerings.

Acer laptops, for instance, can be found under other well known brand names.

Medion does/or at least did rebadge German manufacturer Gericom's laptops.

The trick is in finding out who manufactures what and finding out if the original or rebadged version is cheaper, has better support etc.

  sinbads 21:15 24 Jul 2007

I would be carefull if considering an aldi medion computer I aggree with quiet life a lot of their stuff is non standard.

I bought a Medion in feb this year its awaiting its fourth Motherboard!! and third power supply. This unit has an inherrant heating problem (not much difference than a storage heater)

I have written to Medion and quoted the S.O.G act and that i have no confidence in this model .

Now got HP quad 2gig mem 530gig hard drive HAPPY CHAPPY

  Dipso 22:18 24 Jul 2007

Quiet Life is referring to LIDL PC's.

The 8820, if that's what you have, does seem to have a problem with the motherboards but at least you have a warranty.

FWIW I bought the 8822 in March, my second Medion and have had no problems with it or the previous one.

  sinbads 23:32 24 Jul 2007

Dipso lidi/aldi do seem to have non standard stuff put in their computers.
whilst i beleive previous models were reliable and value for money (one of the reasonss for buying one) do feel that the quality is not as good as it used to be but guess you get what you
pay for.

The psu in the 8820 was only 250w? is it the same for the 8822?

  Dipso 23:47 24 Jul 2007

IIRC when adding more RAM it's 300w.

  pk46 01:07 25 Jul 2007

NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS SELLING for £35 i don't think your going to fall over backwards with this graphic card if you play computer games.

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