New aids for special needs consumers announced.

  TOPCAT® 13:23 11 Jan 2004


'New software that will make websites accessible to people with learning difficulties will go on sale later this year. The software can translate websites using the Rebus symbol system.

Called Communicate Webwise, the software automatically turns information on pages into symbols or plain text.

The developer, Widgit Software, says it can process most web pages, except those containing complicated java or flash components...'

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It's good to see those with learning difficulties haven't been forgotten. I hope many will soon be joining us on the World Wide Web. TC.

  Forum Editor 13:38 11 Jan 2004

anything that helps people with learning difficulties to access information on their own has got to be good. The Internet is the ideal medium for these people in many ways, and the more doors we can open the better.

  MichelleC 14:09 11 Jan 2004

That's good news. The more people who can communicate in various medias and ways is more the merrier.

  rowdy 14:11 11 Jan 2004

Now if someone with a few billion dollars and influence with Microsoft supplied this as a download for windows he would really be improving his product.


  spuds 14:11 11 Jan 2004

Some people with no disabilities find computers very scary at times, I know I do, and perhaps a fair number of PCA forumers do also. Giving better access to disabled people can only improve their life style, which is about time.Noticing that the cost of about £70 was mentioned, I wonder if any special concessions, possibly from government sources, will be made available to those in need, should this package prove to be a success.

  TOPCAT® 22:32 11 Jan 2004

The only man that has the influence would be Bill Gates himself. Could help further swell Microsoft's coffers at the same time.

I wonder if he ever looks in on us for lucrative ideas? :o) TC.

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