New African scam ...

  TOPCAT® 18:38 10 Mar 2003
Locked Nigerian emails.

The latest scam to come out of the African continent is a lot more sneaky that the now almost traditional email.....

click here

Gullible's travels perhaps? :) TC.

  carver 18:58 10 Mar 2003

The people who fall for this sort of scam are the same one's who will buy an X-Box for £25.

  jimv7 19:08 10 Mar 2003

And from the register..... click here

There's one born every minute.

  hoverman 19:15 10 Mar 2003

I am always amazed about how many actually fall for these scams. Is it due to greed, complete loss of sanity, or are they just gullible for anything that offers a quick profit or promises of untold wealth? The mind boggles!!!

  g0slp 19:53 10 Mar 2003

Looks like even more time will be spent at the keyboard........

Still giggling at folks' gullibility

  Andsome 12:38 12 Mar 2003

I don't understand all this anti business regarding our brethren in Nigeria. Only last week my bank wrote to me to let me know that they had just recieved the expected transfer of £14,876,006 from Nigeria, and did I want to buy an ISA.

  redelf 19:26 12 Mar 2003

As a conman once said "you can't con an honest man!"

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