New addition to compulsory motor insurance rules

  TopCat® 14:16 16 Feb 2011

More can be read at click here

The full government details (pdf) can be seen at click here


  tullie 14:43 16 Feb 2011

I thought it was compulsory anyway?

  ronalddonald 14:52 16 Feb 2011

I think the government is trying to get insurance for vehicles that are parked in drive ways and not used and the vehicles that are too old to be road taxed

  961 14:56 16 Feb 2011

The great problem and disappointment I find with all this stuff is that we regularly hear that over 10% (and maybe many more) vehicles run round uninsured (and untaxed) all the time

On top of that, the latest wheese is to buy a vehicle registered in France and use that. No authority takes any notice of these. Untaxed, not paying for parking, ignoring speed limits et al

The authorities seem completely incapable of devising a system which actually enables untaxed, uninsured vehicles to be caught

In the meanwhile they spend there time creating even more paperwork for law abiding folk which, actually, does nothing to solve the basic problem

  961 14:57 16 Feb 2011

"their time" of course

  the hick 17:17 16 Feb 2011

961, foreign vehicles should be re-registered in UK after 6 months, but I suspect many are not. I used to live near an American airbase, and their cars had local numbers within a few months. On the uninsured vehicles matter, I do not know why there are not insurance discs, as we have tax discs. French vehicles carry insurance details, but then they have no checking system for insurance when taxing vehicles, as there is no road tax.

  kwil2 19:43 09 Mar 2011

All this assumes of course that the majority of people actually have a driveway or garage...A very big and very unfair assumption.
If motorists in this country actually had the road infrastructure that their roadtax is supposed to help towards, then there might be a case.
As things stand and bearing in mind it takes ages for a reported non-taxed car to be 'uplifted' then this so-called 'improvement' is destined for chaos.
Why can't the AA and RAC who always pop up and say the bleeding obvious when there's a motoring issue on the news, not lead a charge against the ludicrously aggressive attitude towards motorists, price of oil etc thanks to government legalised theft?
And please don't bleat on about global warming..Think any MP actually cares about it in private or any Cabinet member when he/she is driven around at our expense in large cars?

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