New 419?

  Ranger 15:15 16 Jan 2003
  Ranger 15:15 16 Jan 2003

Over the last few weeks I have received a few of the scam mails, but this is the first one I can remember that gave me a phone no. to call, see below, are they becoming bolder or have I just missed the phone numbers in the past, or is it one of those ones that give access to your line account etc?

Dear Sir,

I write to solicit your assistance for a transaction of mutual benefit; believing that you will treat this with utmost confidence. I implore you to excuse me of any embarrassment this letter might cause you, as we have not met before.

I am Mr.john Harmane from Sierra Leone. Before now l didnt have any problem, until l lost my parents and my two brothers two years ago. They were attacked by rebels on their way back from a visit. Only my father survived the attack, he had severe bullet wounds. He was rushed to the hospital where the bullets were removed after a surgical operation. My dad returned home after two weeks feeling well and okay.

But two months later, my father became sick. His situation deteriorated so much that he couldnt carry on with his work anymore. One day, he told me to prepare myself that we have to travel to Spain, that he has to deposit some money (USD$16 000 000.00) in a Security Company in Spain for safe keeping. We then arranged for a quick travel. The money was arranged in a trunk box and shipped to Spain by diplomatic means. At the Security Company in Spain, my father deposited the trunk box as a bonded shipment and he declared it as family treasures. My father made me the beneficiary of the deposit.

Not too long we returned from Spain, my father died. After the burial rights, my late fathers brothers came to the house to inform me that my late father willed all his properties to them. With this stupid news they brought me, l decided to take them to court. Every time we go to court for hearing, the court ends up adjoining the case. The court ordered that nobody should touch the properties until the case is decided. And this is the second year running. I am at the moment living in Ivory Coast for the fear that my uncles can attempt to kill me.

My father was a big time diamond dealer, he started having difficulties with bank transactions in respect of making deposits and receiving payments for diamonds purchased by his customers because of the United Nations embargo on diamonds from West Africa at that time. Because of the problem my father started storing cash in the house.

The problem l am faced with now, is that l do not have the funds to enable me embark on a trip to Spain in order to be able to get the deposit released from the Security Company. Because of the financial situation am faced with, l implore you to see how you can assist me get over to Spain. I do not mind, if you would go to Spain first to verify the presence of the shipment at the Security company, before arranging for me to join you in Spain. Please see how you can be of assistance.

If you can help me, l am ready to loan you up to 30% of the funds to assist you in you own business. If you would help, please call me on this confidential phone line: +225 07 473671. To enable you get through when dialling the phone number, make sure you do not exclude any digit from the numbers. (225 is the country code), (07 is the area code, dial the 07 exactly the way it is, do not exclude the zero). For confidentiality sake, do not send me email, l do not wish to transact this on the internet. Please understand.

I wait to hear from you. I would wait for about two week to hear from you, but if l do not hear from you within this period, l would believe that you are not ready to assist me. Therefore, l would look for somebody else.

John Harmane

  Thin White Duke 15:20 16 Jan 2003

Ah, that old gem.


For confidentiality sake, do not send me email, l do not wish to transact this on the internet.


You could phone it and see what happens (although it might cost you £10 per minute).

  €dstow 15:55 16 Jan 2003

225 is the dialling code for Ivory Coast, not Sierra Leone. Is that important?;<)


  Ellie3009 17:03 16 Jan 2003

It's the dialling code for the Ivory coast because Mr. Harmane is:
"at the moment living in Ivory Coast for the fear that my uncles can attempt to kill me. "

Can I just ask a stupid question?
Does anyone actually believe and act on these things?

  €dstow 18:28 16 Jan 2003

I missec the bit about Ivory Coast, silly me. It is so long and involved though, I lost track.

Regarding people believing this garbage, unfortunately they do!

I know someone who did. Someone who should have known better, much better, being a qualified accountant and company director. It's not just little old ladies and the like that get caught up in it.

There is a dedicated department at Scotland Yard to help people who have been conned.


  jazzypop 18:44 16 Jan 2003

Just type 'nigeria scam' into Google.

Two hits include click here , and click here (the Scotland Yard link referred to by €dstow).

The answer to your question is 'of course'. Human nature at it's worst, both the conmen and the conned.

  vinnyT 13:23 17 Jan 2003

"Can I just ask a stupid question? Does anyone actually believe and act on these things?"

Yes, beleive it or not, a lady in the US was imprissoned last year for 'loaning' $3 million to one of these scams, unfortunatly the $$$ belonged to the law firm she worked for.

  BRYNIT 10:54 18 Jan 2003

I wonder if she can claim a MIRACLE as her farther died two years ago by bandits and then became sick two months ago.

  VoG™ 12:10 18 Jan 2003

This may be of interest (!) click here and others click here

  Forum Editor 12:51 18 Jan 2003

in my inbox every month. The people who send these messages are encouraged by the fact that every now and then someone takes the bait. Human nature being what it is, that someone - driven by greed - overcomes his/her natural caution and flies off to Africa to have his/her credit card account milked for every penny that's available on it.

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