Networking Problem

  Quiet Life 18:24 27 Jul 2006

I live in a first floor apartment with a garage in the basement. I use a Netgear DG8346 wireless router but found the WG111 USB adapter was not able to receive a signal in the garage.
I recently purchase a Sky Gnome which is a radio receiver that operates from the digibox on 2.4ghz band and as reception in the garage is good I thought I would try again with the computer and moved a PCI wireless Liteon WN5301A from an HP machine into the computer for the garage. This work is being done in the apartment so no problem with the signal.
I cannot get the Liteon to be recognised and have tried in 3 PCI slots which are working fine for other cards. I have downloaded the software from the HP site but it will only run through device manager and there is nothing showing there for the Liteon card to click and update the drivers.
Putting the Liteon Card back in the HP machine. It works fine however this machine is not for the garage.
Help appreciated

  ade.h 18:30 27 Jul 2006

You've ended up posting this in Consumerwatch when it belongs in networking. The FE might move it when he's around later.

In the meantime: you don't need software for that Liteon PCI card, so just install it with the driver and make sure that the software is NOT on the PC at all.

I don't hold high hopes for a good signal, however. Having to go from a basement, through the ground floor and up to the first floor is likely to be too big an ask.

  Quiet Life 21:11 27 Jul 2006

Hi Sorry about the wrong forum.
It is the driver I am trying to instal. Both computers are on XP SP2. (The HP site said the card needed SP2 to work) Very strange that it is not recognised as new hardware and does not show up at all.

  ade.h 21:32 27 Jul 2006

Are you sure that it's not tied hardware, or whatever the term is, whereby it only functions in a certain motherboard?

  Quiet Life 07:36 30 Jul 2006

Decided to put the Liteon wireless card back in the HP computer and see if it would connect in the garage(two floors down). Did make a connection but the signal was very poor and decided not worth pursuing the transfer of the card to the other computer.
From what I could ascertain Liteon do not sell these cards to other than HP so there may be some motherboard restriction.

  vinnyT 12:47 31 Jul 2006

You can get signal amplifiers/extenders.

You could but one or build your own click here.

More google pages on how to build one, click here

They do work, I made one yrs ago for a friend (saw it in .net magazine).

Hope this helps.

  kdt 20:15 02 Aug 2006

have a look at kb914440 on microsoft diagnostic tool for xp

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