Ticketyboo 07:30 26 Aug 2009

I'm thinking about buying a netbook and looking for recomendations about £300, also if there is no optical drive how do you install software?
Thanks for any advice.

  tullie 08:43 26 Aug 2009

I have a Samsung NC10,terrific battery life and well built.
You will have to buy an external DVD Drive,which i think cost me thirty odd quid.A pen drive would also be usefull.

  oldbeefer2 09:42 26 Aug 2009

I've just ordered an NC10 from Dabs for £288. Be careful, though - some places (eg Comet) are selling them for less, but these have a much smaller battery capacity (4 hours quoted as opposed to 8hrs). There's a thread about it click here. The NC10 does come out as one of the best in several reviews. As tullie says, an external player is required. I ordered this one click here from Amazon on Monday, and it arrived this morning.

  bremner 11:17 26 Aug 2009

Recently bought my son a Toshiba NB200- NL with a 9 hour battery.

Great bit of kit from one of the very top Laptop manufacturers.

  interzone55 11:37 26 Aug 2009

I can't honestly remember the last time I installed anything off a CD or DVD, probably the last time I installed MS Office.

Most programs these days come as downloads, so just either download them to your desktop, or to another PC and copy to a flash drive.

Another option would be to share a DVD drive from another PC across the network...

  Quiet Life 16:28 26 Aug 2009

If you do not have an other computer then an external drive is more than desirable.
If you do have another computer then a flash drive is all that you will need. Programs on CDs can be copied to the flash drive or a USB external drive and run from there.

  GaT7 16:35 26 Aug 2009

You may want to consider the newer Samsung N110 model for ~£30 extra click here. Links in this recent thread click here. G

  realist 20:23 26 Aug 2009

Save some money:
click here;jsessionid=C930DF99DDB8C06C6A76C9C190B126CD.sol88-31

  oldbeefer2 21:52 26 Aug 2009

7in is a bit small for some (in my dreams!), but it does look good value for money.

  WolframBlitzen 22:22 26 Aug 2009

Sorry in advance if this isn’t very specific

I would avoid the Asus EEPCs that run on linux. I’m no linux hater (I actually quite like it) but if you’re not familiar with it I would suggest sticking with the windows-based ones. You’ll also want to make sure you get one with a hard drive, not one of those with an 8GB SSD since the SSD ones run out of storage space when you save a 1-line notepad document

As for the DVD Drive, there’s a few options. The external option that people have already stated, there’s also the fact most versions of software now come with a downloadable trial version that you can put your licence key into. The other option is you can copy your program cds to a memory stick.

  Ticketyboo 07:02 28 Aug 2009

Many thanks for all your advice, gives me plenty to think about. Cheers, T.

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